Fubuki and Garou|One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 2 (Episode 14) “The Human Monster” Review

I am just glad to say that we got another One punch man episode. It feels like forever since I have said that. Now there was a little info dump, some more fights, introduction to the new villain, and tank tops! Along with a new candidate for best girl of Spring 2019. Now let us get into the the review of episode 14 of One Punch Man.


I am now seeing the hype for the villain of Garou. He is someone that is like a force of nature with a path of destruction left afterward. The way that he just destroyed those A rank heroes like it was nothing. Straight exposing one of them with that one having a flame thrower under his clothes. To then murder every villain in the building. Afterwards saying that he is will get even stronger is just overall hype. I can’t wait to see him get stronger and eventually face Saitama or even Genos in a fight.

Genos Vs Sonic

This cut was so clean.

Now this fight was a little hype. This one scene where Genos punch the shit out of Sonic was beautifully animated. Giving some of those old feels. Man if they give just the final fight this level of animation. The whole series would be worth it. But I wonder who would win in a full fight between the two. Cause they seem very evenly match. The speed of there fight was so fast that Fubuki couldn’t even see it. I was kinda mad that Saitama stopped it. But for good reason cause Genos just loves blowing shit up. But, man it is just good to see my boy Sonic. Always with that smile that he hates and getting one shotted by Saitama.

Fubuki Best Girl

A really nice necklaces she has.

I want to say that we got a new contender for best girl of Spring 2019. Goes by the name Fubuki, sister of Tornado. I love her story about always being number two. But not able to be number one. She is just an overall nice girl that I hope to see more of. Trying to make Saitama her underling to then realizes his capabilities. Was just a overall joy. She is also really strong with her telekinesis.

I was kinda of shock that her lackeys were not only heroes but B class rank two and three. With one of them being named eyelashes and the other called . I was just overall shock that they were the three at the top of the B Class Heroes.

More Hero Rankings

Amai Mask is back and with the more villains around the cities. Even he has to get his hands dirty. And with the power that he flashes he might be a top 3 S Class hero. He blockades the other three samurai from advancing above him. As they are also monster heroes that can’t achieve S cause of him. The politics in the hero association are crazy. From B Class to higher. Lots happens when you gotta be a hero in that world. But you know the boy Saitama don’t care.

We Got A Tank Top!

I just want to appreciate that we still have this huge collection of Tank Top heroes in this world. I just want to know if they all have secret meetings every week or something. But now to introduce A rank 9 Tank Top Vegetarian. Which is just funny in his own right. But this is suppose to be a serious scene so RIP to Tank Top Vegetarian.


I love that Fubuki is just chill with the gang now. Saitama is just gonna end up with a large group of the most powerful people in his house just chilling reading manga and play games cause that’s just him. Well untill next time
 ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

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