Tank Tops and Bananas|One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 3 (Episode 15) “The Hunt Begins” Review

Welcome to another week of One Punch Man. Their is Saitama being his overpowered self, A ton of epic action scenes, Also a lot of bananas for some strange reason. With the return of some amazing heroes. That is all I can think about this episode.

Oh yeah. There is a lot of TANK TOPS!!!!!!

Just Chilling

I just want to note how King and Fubuki are just chilling in my boi Saitama’s house. It not only shows more of best girl Fubuki. King, who is amazing is just chilling playing video games in his crib.

They are listening to the story of Silver Fang’s number one servant. Saying that Garou was a student under Silver Fang. Which is very interesting seeing a little bit of his origins.


Now this was the highlight of the episode to me. We didn’t only get one tank top hero. But we got the whole tank top squad. Which made me hype as hell just by their introduction alone. But seeing them get foderize by the Gauro was

Garou VS Tank Top Master

This was just the definition of hype. Bring back the old days of One Punch Man. With the best fight of the season so far. With epic transitions and then the reveal of Garou’s powers.

Garou Vs More Heros

This fights were just the definition of hype. If you haven’t seen them go watch them all now. Cause some of these A class heroes are not to mess with. The one A Class that use the sling shot was really creative and amazing as a hero. Then the hero with the mustache has a uniqueness to his fighting style. Giving Garou a fight also. But then to lose to him like a the others.


First I just want to say pause. Second is why the hell is Saitama giving out bannanas to every from Tank Top Master to Muman Rider. Third about muman rider, he is still the greatest hero in the the show. I also want to note on the on his and Saitama”s relationship. To me they are the true bros of One Punch Man and their interactions are the best in the show.

Garou A Human?

I kinda am starting to like Garou. I am more interested into how he became so evil. He even has a technique taught by the number 3 S Class Hero Silver Fang. He is the most interesting in the show.

Tournament Arc?

The number one rank student of Silver Fang is out of commission after facing Garou. So he gives Saitama his ticket to a martial arts tournament. A three million cash prize, a very possible tournament arc, and Saitama being Saitama. This looks and sounds very interesting…. He even got a wig.

Saitama Vs Garou

I was not expecting this encounter so early. But, damnnnnn Gauro got one shotted so hard. He didn’t even compare to Boros and his crazy levels. I guess this shows that Saitama will never have a true opponent. This kinda reminded me of Saitama and Sonic’s first meeting.


I am happy that we got more tank top heroes. Including the one S Class hero in Tank Top Master who is now in my top ten favorite heroes in the series. I can’t wait for the next episode with a possible tournament arc. With possibly Garou being in the tournament. But, until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

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