TLRP: Number 8 “Momioka Risa”

Alright I am back again. Complete with college for the semester and ready to complete this series. Staring with a girl that even shook the perverted Momo with her perversion. That being one of if not the most erotic girl in the series being the lovely Momioka Risa.


Momioka Risa is one of the human characters in the show. She has been with the franchise since volume one of the manga and episode four of the anime. She is a outgoing girl that love to tease shy people like Rito and Haruna. She also makes bold people like Momo submissive to her lust. Along with that she has a mysterious side to her that even I the reader can’t read about her. The way that she thinks is always different then you actually think. Which is why I love when we get chapters in her perspective. She has that courtesans aura our her. Which she displays on full around Rito and even other girls in the series.

She is very close Haruna, Yui, and Lala. All of them being really close in the beginning of the series. Mio, another pervert is her best friend and her sidekick in series. Mio roots her on in all her acts of perversion in the series. She helps her especially in her special art. Most people has an ability in this series whether it be Yami’s power to change her body or Lala’s abnormal strength. She has a ability that surpass those and one that competes with Rito’s gift. That being her ability to grope breast with the finest of precision. Every girl that has fell victim still feels her hands to this day. With her surprise attacks and her techniques it even give Momo chills.

Her Level of Perversion

She is just another level of lewd in the show. Form in the original series she persuade Lala to be more perverted. She teases Rito to the extreme cause of his personality. She is even making her own personally harem if Rito don’t man up soon. Making girls and guys blush to the max. She is just another level of perversion compared to the rest of the girls of the series. While being so non-nonchalant about the whole thing.

Best Moment

She has without a doubt some of the greatest scenes in the whole franchise. From her alone times with Rito in Darkness to just all of her groping. But, without a doubt my top three favorite scene in the whole franchise is Chapter 40.5 of Darkness and Darkness OVA 6 . That being the the scene where Momo is looking for some lingerie to impress Rito. To then get trapped in the web of Risa. Having a little drink with her. Just having a little chat but Momo is keeping her guard up. But then due to circumstances Momo ends up taking a bath at Risa’s house.

Risa joins her for the bath to wash her back. To then have one of the greatest scenes in the whole franchise. Almost making Momo join another harem if you know what I mean. I just want to say that this scene is just beautifully done in the manga and the anime. From top to bottom this was just a great scene. Their are plenty of more scenes that Risa shines in. But this is that scene that makes her so high.

2k Rating: 95 Overall

Top 8 are all perfect. if you put them in any other anime they would probably be the best girl in any of the other shows. Risa is included that, cause in any show she can shine on her chill personality alone. With her being that wife that you can just talk to about anything. Sipping on some wine while being at the top of the world. Going home to her is just the life for anyone. She is also a girl that can throw any person girl or guy off their game with her voice alone. She is someone that has the highest wife potential in the show. While also being a top 5 girl that deserves more screen time in the next series.

Her Future

Their are three things that I hope for her in the future of the series. One is her interaction with Nemesis for them being the only girls to out pervert Momo in the whole series. Also them not offically meeting with the arc of Nemesis being in Rito’s body. Technically Nemesis almost got with Risa through Rito body. I would just love to see their interaction to see who would be the best perverted girl in the series. The second thing I want is a lot more screen time. Her being the girl that I hope has more moments with not just Rito but some of the other girls forming the harem. Finally I need a part two. If you haven’t notice every chapter and series of To Love Ru gets more and more lewd as we go. So give Momo no escape from Risa in a half chapter. It would possibly be the greatest chapter in the series. It is also one of my top things that I need in this new series.


I am 95% sure that this is my last hiatus from the series. Now that I am done with the semester. I can go full into this long project that I have been working on since February. So I will try my best to get the next one out as soon as possible. But until next time, ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

Hint for the Next Girl

She is debatable the smartest girl in the series. While also being one of then sexiest also.

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