A True Gentlemen | Jacuzzi Splot

I just want to say I am one of the last man on earth to join the Baccano Party and I regret not watching this series sooner. Cause this has one of the greatest cast in anime history. With it having some of the funniest and enjoyable characters in the series. But, I wanted to talk about my favorite character in the whole franchise being Jacuzzi Splot.

Now some people might think that I am crazy for putting him over one of greatest duos of all of time in Issac and Maria. Or even the lovable psychopath in Russo. But, to me this man is the best character in the franchise. In the beginning he came off as a crybaby and weak. But, as the story progressed you learn why he acts like that. Along with the reason why he has that tattoo on his face. You then learn the reason for him having that is due to his girlfriend Nice at a very young age burning her skin and losing her eye due to an explosion.

But, when Nice felt ugly with all of her scars. This man got a tattoo all over his face so that he will stick out along with her. This man has treated Nice with the upmost respect in their relationship. The picture above was the first time that he has ever kiss Nice in their 10 years of a relationship. It might be him being a little scared but that is just how he is. He has the kindest soul in the series.

One of the greatest quotes is when he states why he cries. Saying “It’s natural to cry. But I think the times when people want to cry are the times when they need to work the hardest. So I decided that I’d cry all the time while things were normal, that I’d never try to pretend I was tough. I’d take all those tears from when I really wanted to cry, and I’d cry them out now. That way, when I really need to work hard, all my tears will be dried up and gone.” -Jacuzzi Splot

He knows what he is and tries not to be someone that he is not. That is why is one of the greatest gang leaders in Baccano and one that I would follow. I haven’t even touched on all the scenes that he shows his kind soul. Along with his gentlemen nature and his ruthless nature as well. But, if you haven’t seen Baccano go watch it. Cause I slept on this series for a while. It is now in my top 15 anime of all time.


I am really glad that I finally watched Baccano after all this time. Jacuzzi is one of the great gang leaders in the series. While also being one of the mortals in the franchise. I will continue this story with the light novels and more just for him. I hope that this series will get a season 2 in 100 years. So until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

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