You know stuff like this makes me glad that I am an anime fan. Cause some people might never get to witness this greatest that is coming in the summer. That greatness being Vinland Saga, from the characters to the artwork of the manga to this. It has one of the greatest stories in all of fiction. I know that some people even have this manga as their favorite of all time. To me this manga is one that I see a a near master piece. With the hardcover volumes adding to the experience of this manga. I don’t want to spoil too much about it. But, with that Wit Studio animation( Which is slowly becoming my favorite studio of all time). Along side the fact that it will be 24 episodes and airing in the beginning of July. This series something that I already put at the top of my Summer Anime charts. Along with it possibly being the best of the season. Shoot, I am making this statement now that this will be the anime of the year. Beating the likes of Kaguya-Sama, Promised Neverland, One Punch Man, and maybe even Attack on Titan. Cause looking at this preview I says enough for me that this will be a big hit.

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