TLRP: Number 7 “Mikado Ryouko”

Alright it is time for another post of the To Love Ru Project. While also being one of the sexiest women in the series. She has the brains along with that. With her being one of the greatest in her profession in the universe. Let us talk about the lovely doctor named Mikado Ryouko.


Mikado Ryouko is a doctor of the high school in the series. She not only takes care of the students of the school. But she also takes care of numerous aliens around the world. As she runs a medical clinic for aliens that come to earth.

In the past, she used to work in the black market for a organization called Solgam. Solgam’s motives were to overthrow King Gid. So she fled to Earth due to Solgam’s cause. She then stationed a clinic that takes care of aliens around the world. Meeting the likes of Yami before the beginning of the series. While working as the school doctor undercover.

FUN FACT: She has elf like ears. Due to her being an alien from a planet that is still unknown.

She has the the lab coat that is worn over her amazing figure. With her three sizes being B95 – W58 – H91. She is playful attitude similar to Risa and Momo. Enjoying teasing Rito with his shyness to girls. While also giving him some great pointers that never get through to his thick head. But, she is the most mature in the series. With her always having a calm demeter.

She has great knowledge in space technology and biology. With her knowledge she has created Dragon Ball healing tube for Yami. She also has created a vast collection of medicines and accumulated numerous medical techniques. One of her huge accomplishments that she brushes off like nothing is when she created a whole artificial body with feelings and all for Shizu. Making her a debatable candidate for one of the smartest in the whole series.

Also I want to note on her caring nature a bit. She took in a random ghost in. Gave her a home, a job, along with a new body so she can communicate to people normally. Helping her adjust to the new world everyday. She did all of this out of the kindness of her heart. Not only that, but she made a medical shop for aliens that are station on planet earth. Treating their illness no matter what the race. She is a women that is just a gem in this series. So I just want to give her a round of applause for what she does in this series. Cause she without a doubt is the kindness soul in the whole franchise.

Best Chapter

I want to highlight on one of her recent chapters. One were they tried to suppress the most overpowered ability in the franchise. That being Rito’s gift. To then get I believe 5 pages of Rito’s attack. With her having heart eyes saying that Rito can make any women his. This is just a great chapter cause she really believe that she could surpress the greatest power of all of fiction. It was just a great chapter for the comedy and plot (if you know what I mean).

2K Rating: 96 Overall

I am pretty sure that every To Love Ru fan has seen this pic above. So you know that every sane person would agree waking up in the morning to is amazing all on its own. When you add the fact that she has one of the greatest figures in the franchise(Top 3). While also having one of the greatest minds in the franchise. She is a delight to have to have around at all time. Mostly calm and collected despite being naked on numerous occasions. She is also the kindness soul in the whole franchise. So she is without a perfect wife. Like how the hell is she single in the series is something that defies logic.

Her Future

For her I feel like she doesn’t really need much in the new series. She is like pizza or your favorite meal its good when you have it once in a while. But if you have every day then it gets plain. I hope that we get at least 5 chapters focused on her. Cause she is just perfect.


I am in full force with this project. Cause this is a chapter that I want to close in this blog. I am hoping to get this finished before my summer classes. Due to me going on way too many hiatus cause of school. So expect the next one very soon. But until next time, ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

Hint for the Next Girl

“Rem of Re:Zero, Ichigo of Darling in the Franxx, and Number 6 are very similar.”

TLRP Girl Number 6

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*- People that I would move higher than I previously put in this list.

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