Season 2 Of Re:Zero CONFIRMED!!! TOP 3 Things to Expect from Season 2 (No Spoilers)

I am so happy that I can cross off Re:Zero from my list of anime that will never get a second season. When I saw this trailer (which is below if you haven’t seen it by now) I teared up a little cause this is in my top 20 favorite anime of all time. This show was a thrill watching this amazing series week to week. Also this anime gave one of the greatest girls in anime history in the great gem in Rem. To top it off Subaru is back and full of rage.

Now I have read some the web novels to this amazing series thanks to the great Translation Chicken. Translating the arcs following the anime after the end of season one. Now I will not spoil you cause reading it is one thing. But, seeing this anime with a bigger budget and beautifully animated is something that I recommend everyone needs to experience first hand. Cause of the little what I read in arc 3 from Translation Chicken if this anime is properly paced. The anime might be in my top three or even two after what I read. So I just want to talk about the top three things to expect from Re: Zero Season 2.

3) Witches and Lore

In the new season expect to learn a lot more about the lore of the world of Re:Zero along with some more knowledge about the witches that were hinted at last season.

2) More Beatrice

Beatrice is my second favorite character in the series. I was sad of the lack of her in the second half of the series. But with the new season you can expect more scenes of this pig tailed of joy.

1) More Suffering

This anime loves to make Subaru suffer to the max. So don’t think that he won’t get his fill of suffering in the new season. Cause he will experience A LOT more suffering.


I am kinda late to the party cause this came out a while ago. But I wanted to clean my drafts in the blog so hear you go. I hope that you enjoyed it and are even more hyped for season 2. Cause this one will be a crazy ride from episode one. So until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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