TLRP: Number 6 “Sairenji Haruna”

The introduction was the last thing I typed. So just a warning ahead of time. This one surpassed Run as my longest post in the TLRP. I gave my all to this one. So I hope that you all enjoy it. So lets get stared with the kind soul of Haruna Sairenji.


Haruna is part of the main character trio in the begining of To Love Ru. The trio being Rito, Lala and herself. She starts off in the franchise as this unapproachable angel through Rito eyes. She becomes the main goal of To Love Ru. Cause since the start Rito has wanted to confess to her. But a huge turn of events and bumps down the road happen to prolong that goal. Allowing us to learn more about the character Haruna.

She is very popular and kind girl in the school. Wining class president over the likes of Lala and Yui due to her kindness. She always thinking of her friends first try to help however she can. Over the series she makes friends with a ghost, fights a hoard of aliens with Rito as a weapon, been put in some of the most extreme positions(If you know what I mean) after falling imaginable, She has been turn into a cat, been throw into video game, and has had to deal with a lot more. But she is still her kind self even after all of the tribulations.

But, she mainly competes with Lala in the beginning for Rito’s heart. But becomes friends with her. Rito then meets a multitude of other girls competing for his heart. She did technically win the iron throne. But, due to her kindness she accepted the harem plan. But she is unaware of the full amount of girls that is in this plan.

Haruna has a older sister Akiho that is coincidentally enough dating Yui’s older brother Yu in the series. Haruna is living with her sister in her apartment. Along in her family is her pet Maron. Who is the most perverted dog in anime history. But that is all I got to say about her family. Forgot, she has parents but they are in another place for plot.

Fun Facts

  • She is left handed
  • Her name can be tranlateed to “Spring Vegtable”
  • She has two birthday that being March 6th and April 15th(15th is the official one in a databook)
  • She is also part of the Tennis Club

Top Four Moments

Haruna has been in this franchise since chapter one. She is someone that doesn’t really have just one great moment that I can talk about alone without mentioning the other moments. So here is the top four moments of Haruna Sairenji.

4. Confession

This is something that took the franchise two series for these two to confess to one another. I remember first reading this and I was just like “IT ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME” in my head.

3. Cat Haruna

This is just a great chapter overall. This one is probably one of the most ecchi and the funny chapters that I read and personally enjoyed. Also, who just takes a stray cat to their house and bathes with them seriously.

2. The Kiss

I put this moment so high due to when this chapter came out I didn’t know how to react to it. I was so hype and shocked at the same time.

Just know it took 216 chapters for the Rito to kiss a girl in the whole franchise. (Ren/Run is counted as 1/2 for me). But for all the positions he put these girls in the series he has only kissed Haruna and Ren.

1. Drunk Haruna

I am in love with drunk Haruna. We need to see more of this lovable drunk in the series. Cause this version of Haruna is her being her true self. Which is amazing. She might be even more lewd than Momo in this version.

She is a Perv

I just want to make the obvious clear to all people. She is not close to purest in the series. She has a perverted mind that competes with the likes of Momo. So just remember that she is a perv.

The Perfect Couple

Now I will be very clear about this. The best girl in the series to match with Rito’s personality is Haruna. More than any girl in the franchise she is basically Rito’s perfect counterpart. They are both kind, great at sports, and have been infatuated with one another since middle school. They are both nervous wrecks when trying to confessing to one another about their feelings. I just wanted to put that out there that if Rito decide to ruin the series and choose one girl in the series it would be without a doubt Haruna.

The Greatness of Haruna

I just want to say that she doesn’t have the crazy personality of a Run or Yami. She isn’t the most sexual like a Momo and Risa. She doesn’t have the body of a Lala or Yui. She ins’t some crazy alien or rich girl. She is just her. From chapter one she still hold Rito’s heart despite the fact that this man has had every women in the whole god dang universe gravitate towards his dick. But, he puts the chance to confess to her over all of that.

She acts the most normal in the whole series. Along with that she is the most real and the perfect wife in the franchise. Cause if you want a traditional girl that waits for the guy to confess like he should(Rito Cough* Cough*). You want a non abusive girl that is someone that you can tell your problems. Someone that has an amazing character. Along with the fact that she was put in background and still drives in Darkness. She is a greatly written female. Probably the third best written in the franchise.

The Bad of Haruna (Mini Rant)

Now I just went on a tangent on how great she. But, there is one bad to her and it is not even her fault. But, the writers of this series gave Rito a goal in the first chapter. But, they prevented her from confessing cause of her thinking that Rito didn’t feel the same. While also Rito being a Rito. The drag to this confession made people her a hated character a little bit seeing her as a cockblock for the harem. Then, in the darkness series she got that Lala and Saki treatment and shove in the background. Due to the artist Kentarō’s crazy ex-wife. But, Haruna is someone that even with all the drama inside the manga and outside the manga pushed through that. So I have nothing bad to say about this future queen of the universe. But, just the writers and mainly Rito. I also know I contradicted myself there.

2K Rating: 97 Overall

She is a very caring girl that even with a shy personality is always ready to fight for her friends. Along with that she has one of the greatest designs in the franchise with her short blue hair and purple eyes. She is someone that you can just talk to about anything and she will try to understand. She is a lovable drunk. Being one of the most underrated in the seduction category in the series. With drunk Haruna and her OP abilities she basically had Rito in her grapes. Put her in any other series she would for sure be the star of it.


One thing that I want to see is more of that drunk Haruna greatness. Cause drunk Haruna might be the most lewd in the series. But I mainly just want her to be happy by the end of the series. She is a kind soul that deserves to be happy. Plus we need more short blue hair and childhood friends that get with the main protagonist in anime.


And with that we are finally in the top five. I just want to say that I am glad how this one turned out. Cause, I don’t think that I would do this girl justice if I didn’t go 101%. So I hope that you guys enjoyed this one cause this might be my longest post in the whole blog. The next one might get me in trouble so hope the best for me. So until next time, ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

Hint for the Next Girl

“It been a good run, but after this I might be going to the big house.”

” But if that wasn’t a good enough hint then I will give you the word popsicle”

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