I am at a all time high in morale. I just hit my 73 post on my blog which is right now and I have to say looking at my old post can be a little cringe. I am a little weird with numbers and I just wanted to celebrate the on my 73rd post with talking about 7 random anime and 3 random manga that I highly recommend. So let’s get started.


Please don’t bully me, Nagatoro

This is a story is an unlikely romance. That starts off with extreme teasing of a young girl to an older nerd that she calls senpai. But, then grows they slowly grow feelings to one another. Its really enjoyable and kinda wholesome.

The Promised Neverland

This series has the greatest first arc in anime history. From the reveals of the world to the never ending mystery. This series will suck you in as soon as you finish the first chapter. Reading it nonstop trying to figure out what will happen next. With the ultimate battle of the minds. Trying to escape the home that they have know their whole life after finding out a gruesome truth.

Lightning Rod

Now I will be frank with you and say that this is a hentai manhwa. But, the story and comedy in this series is to die for. I remember when I first got recommended this I was in disbelief of how fucking funny this was.


Spice and Wolf

This series has some of the greatest dialogue in anime. Along with the greatest couple in history. Holo and Lawrence have the greatest chemistry and they. The two are on their way to the north as traveling merchants. You get to see one of the greatest love stories in literature.


The cast of this anime has so much depth. I recently watch this anime. I then slapped myself for not watching it sooner. This anime is a mafia story with immortals and more supernatural elements. But man this story is enjoyable. Coming along with some of the greatest characters and chemistry.

Attack On Titan

This anime is the definition of hype. From episode to episode this anime is will keep you on your seat waiting for more. This series also have some of the most greatly written characters and amazing action.

Food Wars

The anime is at an all high right now. This is the story about food. You get to see some of the most delicious dishes that will make you very hungry. Never watch this series without food nearby. Cause you will try to make a gourmet PB and J. Also this show is a little ecchi.

A Place Further than the Universe

There are rare anime that I would call a masterpiece. This anime is from the beginning to the end done excellent. With a perfect ending. Which is very rare for any series to get right. But, this series did it right and beautifully. If you haven’t watched this series this series go fucking watch it.


I can go into depth about the greatest most deep protagonist in fiction history. I can talk about some of the multiple greatest arcs in anime history in this show. I can go in depth into how this story has made you care for almost every villain in the series no matter how evil they are. I can talk about the amazing characters, comedy, and action. But man, the only way I can describe this series is greatness.

Re: Zero

This series is a thrill to watch week to week. With the concept of time travel and returning by death. This series is one that will force you to see the main protagonist suffer over and over. As he tries to solve multiple mysteries and face multiple foes. This series also gives you one of the best girls in anime history.

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