I am in a good place right now. My blog is thriving, I am don’t have school. I also don’t have to deal with work cause of vacation. I am enjoying Game of Thrones, Attack on Titan, and even One Punch Man to the max. I am on the final five of The TLRP which is my longest project that I have ever worked on in my life. With my recent blog of Haruna being my fifth most viewed post of all time. So let’s talk about the month of May.


Haruna is Bae Of The Month mainly cause her blog was the most fun I had with the TLRP. So I had to

Attack On Titan is something that I recently watched and now it is in my favorite anime of all time.

For Food Wars I recently read it and man what the hell has happened. This is just something I want people to notice.


Grand Blue 53 Review: The revenge arc begins

To Love Ru Project (TLRP): This is in the final five with Lala, Mikan, Momo, Yami, and Yui left. Who will take number one.

Manga Recommendation: Probably to talk about some random ass manga that I enjoy. In the similar style of the Sun-Ken Rock post. THE SERIES WILL BE DOMESTIC GIRLFRIEND CAUSE THIS MANGA IS A TOP TEIR.

Spring 2019 Manga Haul Part 3

I will talk about the greatest manga edition to ever to be published in America. It’s a echhi hardcover color manga. If you can put two and two together you will figure out easily if your a manga collector.

I decided to give Boogiepop another chance… : I didn’t get a to complete the series yet but I began to really enjoy.

A masterpiece called “A Place Further than The Universe”: A leftover from march that I had put to a hault.

One Punch Man Weekly: One of the great animes that everyone needs to watch.

Kaguya Sama Season two when???

More Unfiltered A+M

Kingdom Reveiws Will Return I just am trying to perfect my review style for my second favorite manga of all time.

Well I hope yall enjoy these post and more this month.

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    1. Your correct. I have been planning to make a post talking about it. But, I have to look throughly through its amazingness.

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