S Class Hero Metal Bat|One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 4 (Episode 16) “The Metal Bat” Review

This was probably one of the most hype weeks for action of all time. From Game of Thrones to Attack on Titan and now the reveal of one of my new favorite heroes. These episodes are starting to get overwhelming. One Punch Man episodes are getting better and better with each one that comes out. So lets get started with this episode.

Garo’s Past

We get to see Garo as a child. As he even as a child was just a kid that rooted for the villains. Which is really odd for him as a child. But this was a dream sequence after the great chop of Saitama.

King Trolling

I just love how King still gets away with being the best hero. By sitting on his ass playing video games. He is a class on his own when it comes to this level of trickery.

Saitama Sweating

So we just learn that thanks to Garo. That disguises are not allowed in the tournament. Giving us a scene where we see Saitama the most scared that we ever seen him. He was sweating so much it was dripping to the floor. Cause nobody wants to get fined.

S Class Hero Metal Bat

I like this hero a lot. might be with his soft side along with his tough demeter. While also being a very respectable man. Metal Bat is my spirit animal cause this man last season I just thought he would just be a hero with a bat just because. But this episode makes me just very interested in his character.

Metal Bat Vs Monsters

I am pretty sure last weak I was praising the hell out of Tank Top Master. Naming him as my favorite hero. But, I gotta change my mind after this. Cause just from the way that he destroyed those four monsters. To his overall mentality when facing the dragon level threat. This is a hero that I have to wait on before putting it in stone. But, he might be over Saitama as my favorite in the verse.

More Weird Heroes

I just want to take a quick pause to understand on how the hell did this pineapple hero wake up in the morning and put on that suit. It is just crazy how some of the people think in this world. Like there is some weird ass hero fits. But this one and another one from last week are just not it chief.

Metal Bat Vs Garou Hype

This is gonna be hype. I am rooting for Metal Bat all the way to humble Garo a little. This fight might be my favorite of the series because of Metal Bat alone.

New Character

Will be a very interesting asset to the tournament arc that is happening or the fight of the year that is happening?


Well I just want to say that the cast of this series is very strong. I didn’t realize that staking a step back from the overpowered One Punch Man. Would give an amazing story with Heroes and Villains. But, until next time ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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