TLRP: Number 5 “Yuuki Mikan”

Alright who do we have for number 5. Oh…… it’s Mikan Yuuki, Rito’s little sister………shit

Okay now that I am back from my 20 years of prison. It is time finally time to enter the top five girls in To Love Ru. With number 5 being one of the more interesting girls in the list. So let me introduce you to the imouto, Mikan Yuuki.


Mikan Yuuki is the younger sister of Rito Yuuki. In the begging they lived home alone together due to them having a traveling mother and an mangaka as father. As they were home alone Mikan developed as a cook and took care of most the homely duties. Making her more mature than most girls her age.

She was the third female introduced in the whole franchise. Thus making her debut in the very first chapter in the manga just chilling on a couch greeting Rito after he return home from a failed confession. Man the nostalgia of that chapter. But, back to Mikan from the beginning of the series she was one of the more calm and relaxed characters in the original To Love Ru. With her being quick to realize Rito’s emotions in the series towards Haruna and others. With their close relationship she understands her brother the most out of all girls in the series.

She is technically the youngest in the series due to Celine’s age being unknown. She has the three sizes of B70-W52-H73 accoriding to a body pillow. So don’t take it as complete fact. She is a skilled chef and a good cleaner around the house. She is the mother figure in the series as crazy as that sounds.

FUN FACT: She was created by the two mangaka due to them literally stating “Well, We don’t have a little sister character and so she was born”

Mikan and Momo

Mikan is very protective of her brother. Especially toward the ecchi lover Momo and similar girls that are sexual towards Rito. As she tries her best to keep her very unpure brother pure to sexual temptations of most females. So when Momo started to get close to Rito her and Mikan started to have this relationship similar to a football game. Where Momo is just trying to score a touchdown. But Mikan is only allowing field goals.

That was probably a little confusing. For those of you that don’t watch football and weren’t clear. I am trying to say that Momo is trying to **** the living **** out of Rito. But Mikan won’t let her take his **** and *** inside her ******. So Momo just has to settle for getting on her knees or on his bed and ******* off Rito. Hopefully that is a little more clear.

Mikan and Rito

Even tough she approves of the relationship of Lala and Rito. Wanting and rooting them to be together. It is obvious that she wants herself to be with him more. But, she wont admit it to herself which is kinda sad. Not knowing that her reason for her protectiveness of Rito against other girls. Is her brotherly love for him*pun*. As in a scene that she is in a bath with him (Due to them bathing regularly together for reasons I will explain later). She said that she was content that she had something that every other girl didn’t have with Rito.

Mikan and Yami

Mikan is attracted to people with her mentality. That is why she became good friends with Yami. Along with the reason of them being the same age. It’s kinda funny also that Momo tried to open up to Yami. Then, she said that she has Mikan and that’s all she needs.

Even though Yami is still re severed to most people. Mikan is slowly pushing her to be more extroverted compared to herself before. She even is slowly but surely teaching Yami how to cook. Along with being a better person. I just love their relationship. And what the hell, if Rito just says to hell with the harem plan. I ship them cause they just work so well together.

Mikan and School

I just want to note on her friends and her teacher at school that could literally be a spin off itself. As she attends a different school than the main cast. Firstly about her teacher, she is someone that we need more in the series. She had like one or two chapters and she was enjoyable in both of them.

On another a note on her two classmates its funny how they treat her similar to how she treats Rito. They are just lucky to have a friend like Mikan with them. Cause she will sacrifice her body to make sure that her friends will not fall in the trap of Rito. Cause when it starts it so hard to get out of that only one brace soul has made it out alive.

On my final note about school. She is the most popular in her school. Having a multitude of boys wanting to go out with her. And she is the least exposed at school. But, as soon as she came home more specifaclly Rito’s bed. She is just exposing everything.

Top Three Moments

She is someone that when it’s her moment its all her moment. As she shines above all during her chapters. Even though in the beginning of the original series she had a huge lack of exposure. She made up for it in the later half and in Darkness as she continue to make herself a fan favorite with these amazing moments.

Flower Mikan

All flower or Celine pollen chapters are always enjoyable. Seeing all the girls act the way they are gonna act down the road. But its especially enjoyable, when it comes to the cool collective Mikan trying to control her urges.

Thunder Storm

This scene is one of the classics that made this series my favorite harem. It is something that shows there very wholesome relationship as brother and sister. As she was afraid of thunderstorms when Rito is sleeping he will make sure that his sister is alright. While also having that To Love Ru Motto animated PLOT!

All Bath Scenes

Hopefully the higher ups don’t see this. But just every bath scene in the series with her and Rito is just a good time. It’s just funny how Mikan did this as a one time thing to make sure that Momo don’t come in bath with Rito. To then it basically became the norm with him to do this nightly. So as a collective every Rito and Mikan bath scene they are all some of her greatest moments.

Why So High?

Why is she so high was a questioned that I was even wondering myself. Was its her elegance, maturity, Or maybe because she is a l@li. Then I realize that she has the greatest potential in series(Trying my best not to be Hisoka(HxH) right now). What I mean by that is with her chill personality and her just being that mature already. Along with this post that I read on the toloveru reddit (which you should go join). Showing a young Yui around the same age as Mikan. So she has a lot of room to grow. If the series somehow does a time skip she has a chance to be the greatest girl in the series. Even surpassing the top four girls in the series right now. So my answer for her ranking is that she is the best girl in the series with four years of their time.

Rito And Mikan

I didn’t realize this until I read a To Love Ru 4 Koma where her two school friend realized that 99.999% percent of what she thinks about around them is Rito. She constantly worries about him everyday. Caring for him very deeply. As Rito does the same for her. Making sure that she is happy. But I guess that what family does. But, to Mikan he is way more to her than he realize.

Mikan Loves Popsicles

Everyone in the series has their quirks and gimmicks. But, man Mikan is just at another level when it comes to eating ice cream, lolipops, or anything that is on a stick. Cause with panels like this. With the angle of it and the top panel in the left corner. Sheesh, she might give Momo a run for her money in THAT department. Cause she just doesn’t eat ice cream she enjoys every last drop of it to the fullest.

The Greatest Imouto In Anime History?

To me she is one of the greatest influencers of the troupe. But, with her mentaily to her just chillness. She to me is the greatest imouto in anime history. Surpassing the little sister of Ero Manga sensei herself. JK.

2K Rating: 97 Overall

How do I describe her. She is just that girl. She is hands down the best chef in the series. Already has shown capabilities of being a good mother with Celine. She cares deeply for everyone in the house. Also on a side note she is so relax when it comes to almost everything that doesn’t effect her brother. Cause when she find out about all the aliens she just like wow. In the most nonchalant way. The only downside to her is the reason the post might not last more that an hour on reddit. But, she even has a lot of room to grow. She is a girl that is always hard to describe cause she is just Mikan the ultimate little sister and fifth best girl in the series.


For her future, I want her to admit her feelings towards Rito. She wants to badly be the protective little sister. But, she just needs to accept that she is an anime little sister. So get your Domestic Girlfriend on and have fun. One more thing that I want to see in the new series is just some more Mikan overall. But, I want a whole arc with her, not just a chapter.

One More thing…..

I can’t leave this post without saying her age. I have been avoiding it this whole time. But, its the end so what’s the worst that can happen. She’s 12.


Sorry for the wait after I completed Haruna. I wanted to take a break to get another read through the whole series again. To make sure I write the top 5 more efficiently. Along with preparing for number one. Which I am not trying to hype up number one. But, I kinda am gonna hype her up a bit. But, thank you guys again. The Haruna Post is almost surpassing my bae Run for my most viewed post. Which I am happy and not at the same time. Well see you guys after prison. Until next time, ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

Hint for Next Girl

She loves ecchi. She is one of the two stars of Darkness. She also has confessed her love to Yuuki Rito.

TLRP Girl Number 4

Could be the obvious or could be the not so obvious.

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