Chapter of the Year?|Grand Blue Chapter 52.5 “Truth Or Dare Jenga” Review

I am so happy that we have received another chapter of that Grand Blue Greatness. Now about this chapter, to me this one is the funniest chapter of the year so far. Cause I just couldn’t stop laughing at the stuff that the best of friends did this chapter. As we get a half chapter which diverges from the main story. We get the group of guys playing the game of Jenga. But, not just any game of Jenga but a truth or dare version.

Truth Or Dare Jenga

If this is a real game I am gonna buy it right after this post. Cause I don’t know why this game is not that popular if it is. Cause this would be the perfect game for a mixer or a party. With actual females cause this game seems pretty fun for playing it like that. But, when your playing it with the like of this group its a whole other story.

Propose or Die

Of course Yuu gets the worst one. As he has to propose to his lovable yandere of a girlfriend and say it was a prank. Or he must face the conquests of his friends with cement and a shovel ready. So he has a choice between death or death. So he ended up choosing death. As he calls Rie and then tries to joke about proposing to her we learn a fun fact. That being the time that he said that he would marry her a couple chapters ago and miracally saying that it was a joke and lived. So doing this again well…

Well it looks like my boy is getting hitched for real this time. Cause she was not taking just kidding for an answer again. Sometimes I fear for this guy. Cause he has two choices in life either end up dead at the bottom of the river or be in a very abusive and life threatening marriage with Rie. So I will just reiterate that life ain’t easy for my boy Yuu.

Other Highlights

We get some other truths and dares in the game. The typical virgin thing is just gonna live forever for Yamamoto and now for Nojima also after revelations. The part where they told Kenta to take a picture with a funny face and took multiple with his original was also funny. Just an overall enjoyable roasting of one another.

Iori Finds Out the Twist

After a long game. Iori finally finds out the secret of the game. That being the intensity of the dares being determined by the color. As he finds out he was prepare to expose Nojima. But, he was gonna be another dick and wait until after the game. But, you know karma is a bitch and as he picks up a white block(good one) it send him straight to the black one(really bad one). Being the same one as Yuu also. Kinda also revealing the cover page for this chapter being a spoiler you wouldn’t even realize without reading.

Iori’s Turn

Iori thought. He really though that he could just slam his head against the table and take the penalty without anybody seeing his block. But, he forgot how much of an asshole and very prospective his friends are. With them saying that he can take the penalty. But, “first things first”.

Did Kohei Come In The Clutch?

Okay I will start this right now. By saying that this year Kohei has become my favorite in the series right now. He just comes in the clutch very often its unreal. I don’t even know if he did it for Iori. But, he done saved his ass. It might just be me but Kohei this year especially has been my favorite of the series.

As the chapter ends Iori doesn’t have to do the dare due to Kohei saving him. But, he still has to do the penalty at the end which is just the normal beat up and humiliation. I wonder what would have happen if he had to do that dare tough. Along with how would Chisa feel about that.


It’s always fun to get another half chapter. It’s like a get away from the more serious plot that is happening right now. But, as we return to the arc next chapter with Iori’s revenge. Along with the hope for Cakey to reveal true feeling for Iori or a someone else! (Naw its Iori). But I just want to thank Cruchyroll and Amazon for publishing this greatness that is Grand Blue. So until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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    1. Maybe he did do it cause he’s an asshole. But, why would he do that in general cause Iori would be the one to suffer?


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