Top 5 Manga That Need A English Release

As a manga collector, it is sad that I might never get some of the greatest manga of all time in my collection. Unless I learn Japanese or just have Japanese manga in my collection just to own it. So I wanted to talk about five manga that I hope will someday appear in the United States or in any English language country.

5. Dead Tube

Written by. Mikoto Yamaguchi and Illustrated by. Touta Kitakawa

This series out of all of these series has the least likely chance of getting an release to america due to this being the most fucked up series in manga history. The two guys that make this shit are really messed up in the head with this dark story that they created. With the premise being a world were you get paid with big hit DeadTube videos. But, the catch is that you can show anything on DeadTube for views, which include murder, sexual acts, and much worst. And once your in their is no escape from the website and you must keep up with your views or suffer consequences. With this premise you see the true face of humanity which is very dark so HUGE NSFW warning as this is not for the weak stomach.

4. Domestic Girlfriend

By. Kei Sasuga

This is the number one drama in the anime industry until I am proven wrong. With the cast of characters, the shocking reveals, and the realism in this story. I caught up to this manga in two days. Also making this manga already in my top series of all time. Cause I am not a fan of drama. But, this manga has open my eyes to this series and I hope to see fly of the shelf in English one day. Cause this story without much spoilers is about happiness. I want to say more and I know that is very vague but just read it and trust me you will not stop.

3. Sun Ken Rock

By. Boichi

This series is the Bochi’s best work to me. I am appalled that this series has not been translated into america. With its artwork competing with the likes of Vagabond and Berserk. This series is something that every would make sure that it is in their collection. With this being one of the greatest mafia stories of all time.

2. Hajime No Ippo

By. George Morikawa

Now when I say this I might sound crazy. But, this series should be more popular than One Piece with the pacing and the story. This series is something that everyone enjoys and it is still going with over 1200 chapters and plenty more to go. Cause this is the story about boxing and it might feel overwhelming at first. But, as I continue to read this manga I fall more in love with the characters and their motives. This has one of the largest worlds and cast for this stories. This is the greatest sports manga of all time and should get a lot more recondition that it already has.

HM: Gintama

By. Hideaki Sorachi

Now I am kinda cheating with this one. Due to it already having a english release. But, sadly it ended prematurely with the series still running and this being a masterpiece of a series. This is something that I personally want to get in my collection completed. As this is the funniest and most epic series in fiction. I don’t care how long it takes but I need that shogun assassination arc in my collection. Cause this is a series that I yearn for.

1. Kingdom

By. Yasuhisa Hara

This is greatness. From the politics to the battles. From Shin’s to Sei’s characters and motivations. To the one goal of the unification of China. There is blood, love, lost, and war. This manga is the definition of war and what it is like to be part of it. It is a crime that this series is not in america or even translated digitally. So this is something that I know should be in america above a lot more series.


Sometimes I wonder what these companies are doing. They have good ideas every once and a while like Viz and Kodonsha with their virtutal manga allowing it to be properly translated in english. But, to me it is just sad that most of these series I will never get to add to my collections. If you guys have manga that you think should be on this list comment below. But, until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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