Well Were Fucked|Kingdom Manga 599 “Right Wing’s Scale” Review

First of all I just want to say that it might have took me a good couple months. But, I am back and better to talk about that Kingdom greatness. The main reason I didn’t review it was mainly cause of life and my passion for the series. But, I will talk about it more later in the conclusion so I don’t bore you with my life story. So, lets get started with that Kingdom greatness.

We start off the chapter with the savage himself Shin slicing down Chou Ga Ryuu, one of the commanders of the Zhou right wing in a beautifully drawn panel continuing last weeks double spread. With the final words of Chou Ga Ryuu giving hope to the city of Gyou as the final defense against Qin. As he says that Shin continues to slice him in pieces. With Shin’s defeat over the commander of Zhou the tides have turn huge in the war.

As the Zhou army commander has fallen, the soldiers of Zhou attack for Shin’s head to avenge him. But, they are halted by the former soldiers of Kanki themselves and the now soldiers of the Hi Shin Unit the Naki Clan led by Naki the bandit. As they give a great defense for Shin after all the wound and damage he has taken he needs rest.

Ten this arc is someone that I really have enjoyed. Cause in this arc she really matured as a person willing to take risk and dealing with the suffering of lost. She has also improved with the tactics this arc trusting two great men with making sure that the army more men then expected. She is someone that should get very high praise after this arc is said and done. So with the news that Shin has defeat Chou Ga Ryuu she makes sure to spread this news to all the battle fields to raise moral for all. Stating the fact that that this day will be the Right Wing’s victory today on the 14th day.

Thus she speaks it into existence. As she made a flanking attack to destroy the final commander of the right wing Bananji. Allowing the defeat of half of Bananji’s army. So even when all else were faced against them. The tides finally turned in the favor of Qin. Making the 14th day their victory!

We get a panel of Kyoukai resting and she gets up instantly. When I saw this moment I was thinking a lot before I turned the next page. With three things at the top of my mind. First, it was just Shin and we were gonna get some more of them together that I always love. Two, was them getting attacked at night like something Riboku would do if it was the last straw. Which led me to a third that I thought for a quick second that I was proven right on. But, man this series just love to show you that anything can happen in war.

As Mou Ten leaves the Left Wing to talk to Shin and congratulate him on his battle. Some of his soldiers talk about how the big three are the future of Qin. But we then get that third option that I was talking about earlier and man. Riboku you just had to be this desperate again. Releasing that beast at the left wing just chopping off heads left and right. The return of Hou Ken right before the big chapter 600 is crazy. With Hara leaving us on yet another one of his crazy cliffhangers.

This chapter was a ride. With the manga stating that after this night tomorrow will be the final day of this great battle. We can say that the next chapters are gonna be hype cause we can have a Hou Ken Vs Mouten, Kyou Kai, or/and Shin. It might not even be any of them which is crazy also. This is preparing to be a epic end to the Zhou Invasion Arc. But, man I want next week to happen already this series is utter greatness.

The Return

Now for my conclusion. I haven’t done a kingdom review in a good min. But I will admit that I fell out of love for this series for a bit. So I had to take a break from it. That was one reason along with the fact that this manga would be my hardest series to cover. Cause I will be honest and say that didn’t remember some of the characters and plot lines due to me reading it long ago then to binge it after their was hype for it. So I reread this masterpiece of a manga from the beginning and ended up refalling in love with it and having a better understanding the characters and more. I just needed to talk about this manga again cause this series is not talked about this much at all outside of the amazing Kingdom Reddit. So I just need to talk about it. Unlike in the past when I just wanted to chat about it but lack the passion for this series.


With this arc almost ending, and one of my favorite member of the Hi Shin Unit passing. I might say that this is almost becoming my favorite manga of all time. I really didn’t think that I loved this series so much. With the way that it is written and the characters backstories. I just want to see Qin and Ei Sei to succeed in this conquest of all of China. I want to see Shin, Mouten, Ouhon, and Kyoukai all succeed and become great generals. Along with Kyoukai’s second goal be realized. Cause this series is a fucking masterpiece. Hopefully you enjoyed my review and sorry for the banter at the end. I am just glad I refound my passion to write about this series again. So until next time ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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