The Real Villains Have Arrived|One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 (Episode 17) “The Martial Arts Tournament” Review

We get another week of One Punch Man as we get the introduction to the tournament and it’s contestants. We also get introduction to a large amount of new and interesting villains. Garo has surpass Boros as my favorite villain in the series after this episode. Finally, we get the fight of the episode with Garo and Metal Bat. This episode has a lot to unpack so lets begin.

S Class Metal Knight

We are getting a lot more info on the S Class hero’s this arc. As we get introduced to S Class hero Metal Knight. A person that was absent at the S Class meeting from last season. He is a interesting character as he is someone that was really fixated on that demon level threat. But, at least Metal Bat can focus on the fight that he will have.

Villains Have Arrived

Well as Saitama and Genos are missing the fight of the centery. We get villains everywhere around the cities. Putting a shame to all the A Class and below heroes in the organization. So this arc is to me the S Class Arc. Cause so far we are getting to see and love the whole hero organization as a whole. But, man this is gonna be a all out war with all these villains around the area. So I am hype to see the S Class in action this arc. Plus these villains are all getting interesting with their designs and some look even more human. So I can’t wait! Also Silver Fang really don’t play.

Metal Bat Vs Garo

I am kinda salty how this fight ended but, I am happy with the development with both these characters. Metal Bat, is really deserving of his S Class rank cause this man does not fall no matter how much you beat him up. But, man this is crazy how long this fight could had taken if Metal Bat’s sister didn’t come and stop it.

Metal Bat’s Sister

Okay she might challenge Saitama for the strongest of the series. Cause after Garo left. Metal Bat was ready to go and fight some more but she Saitama chopped him to sleep. So Metal Bat is gonna be out of action. But, I like the characters that have a tough guy attitude. But, are weak to their kid or family. I might just be weird about that.

Garo the Best Villain

But man, I love Garo now. He has a goal and he just wants to achieve it. But, the thing that he does’t realize is that he is human. Cause if he really wanted to be a monster he could have just murder Metal Bat’s sister right their and fight Bat when he was down. But, he said another day. Then, when the villains organization offered for him to join them he rejected it. To then save Metal Bat’s sister from the villains that were attacking her. So Garo is a villain with a heart of gold.

Martial Arts Tournament

Now I was shock when not only Saitama was out of the action. But, also Genos as he was their to root for Saitama for the tournament. Meaning he is out of action also. As we get introduced to the fighters and Saitama is the weakest and underrated as he always is. So be prepared for a lot of shocked faces this arc.

The Challeger

Saitama destroyed the opponent with a single chop. So now this anime must be called One Chop Man. So lets get hyped for this the new journey to be the number one Martial Artist.


Right after this post. I am most likely going to just buy the whole manga that is published at the moment. Cause I am really interested in this series a lot more that I was in the past. Cause season one was the fleshing out of Saitama and Genos and this season even thought they are in the background this season I am loving the S Class heroes. So, until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

Also I forgot, shout out to best girl Fubuki.

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2 thoughts on “The Real Villains Have Arrived|One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 (Episode 17) “The Martial Arts Tournament” Review

  1. Metal Bat is crazy as hell. Plus I am pretty sure that he was the lowest of the S class heroes. So I can’t wait to see more in action.


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