TLRP: Number 4 “Golden Darkness Yami”

I just want to thank you all for the Mikan post which is right now my most viewed post on my blog ever. Surpassing all my Grand Blue post and within TLRP the likes of Haruna and Run. So get ready for a long one as we talk about the assassin that went by the name Golden Darkness, but now goes by the name Yami.


To Love Ru Volume 5, Chapter 35 you see this girl on top of a random building. Looking on into the distance. With no emotion what so ever. With no really other information about her. Then she bumps into Rito picking up some Taiyaki for home. She ask for his name and then she has found her target to assassinate. She then proceeds to kill him. Something that she has done all her life. But, unlike most of her targets Rito was different. He was someone that she couldn’t kill. Mainly thanks to Lala and a lot of luck on his side. But, she was an elite assassin that always accomplished her mission with ease. But for Rito, when he became her target that she had plenty of times to kill even after her fight with Lala. But, She didn’t kill him. She beat him up a lot cause of his ability. But, because of him being her target she grew and mature from a heartless and emotionless killer to a human being.

Yami aka Golden Darkness aka Eve has been in the series since the volume 5 of the series and has been a staple in the To Love Ru franchise. Always being one of the more popular females in the series. She had this calm and emotionless attitude and her overall unique design added to her character.

She was born on Christmas Eve, relating to her name from her old series that she was in called Black Cat which was crated by artist Yabuki. She has had some of the best you know what moments in the series. Even though in the beginning she was reserved by the artist. But, he realized that this is To Love Ru and he then promised to reveal a lot more. Giving us what we have today.


Yami was actually went by another name that was Eve in Yabuki’s other series called Black Cat. Originally she was suppose to debut in chapter one. But, more like a childish character shouting out delicious when eating ice cream and stuff. But, Yabuki wanted more for her as a character. Making her into what she is today.

Fun Fact: With her transformation ability she can enlarge parts of her body.

Yami is an alien that has one of the more overpowered abilities in the series with her transformation ability. Which became even more broken with the rebirth of Golden Darkness. She is a girl that has the powers to change any part of her body in to almost anything. Her power became more crazy as now she can send and pull people through other locations around the world.

She despise perversion and any perverted things. But, that wouldn’t stop Rito’s even more broken power by a long shot. Cause the two would be involved in a large amount of stuff together within the series. While she also has to deal with the Principal on a daily basics. Her weakness is tentacles after a traumatic experience against an alien.

To Love Ru Darkness

Due to unfortunate circumstances, there had to be new leads for the To Love Ru franchise. Come in two girls, one that was relatively new and made headlines upon her reintroduction and a little remaster to her character in Darkness. Then their was Yami, a person that has always been in the background of the series. We knew what she was about. But, as she had to take the spotlight as the manga was named after her. She for sure did not disappoint. Cause with her development this arc, she was even at multiple points of the series my favorite girl.


In her past, she was raised by Tearju as a child. As she was born from her DNA she got to raise her as an daughter. But, the organization didn’t want her to stay as this pure child that Tearju saw. So Tearju tried to escaped the organization, but was unable to take Yami with her. Leaving her with the organization who trained her to become a notorious assassin. Living a world of darkness and solitude until she was given a target that went by the name Yukki Rito.

Yami and Her Family

With more of Yami’s development came two new family members in Darkness for Yami. Those being her mother Tearju and her sister Mea.


Now about Tearju. She is the mother of Yami as her DNA was used to create her. With Tearju being the one that raised her as a child until she escaped the organization that raised Yami to become an assassin. Tearju really care for Yami and still tries to be a mother figure to her. While Yami also deeply cares for her but she doesn’t show it much. Mainly because the two are really scared and awkward to be alone with one another. Mostly due to both of their personalities not being suited for one another. Hopefully one day the can get more close and talk more.


Mea is another assassin made from the same organization that made Yami. Mea as Yami took the same dark path of killing. But, it made her a little bit more crazy than Yami. But, after Mea’s stay at earth and Yami opening up and telling the world that her and Mea are sisters. It later help Mea join the path of light with Yami staying here on earth. They have a better relationship than Tearju but it is mainly due to their conflicting personalities. As crazy as that sounds.

Yami and Mikan

Now as I said in the Mikan post. This is best friendship in the series. Cause they work so well together. Despite having opposite lives. Opening the path for Yami to become more human in the series. I just want to note again that I ship them heavy.

What She Means For Me

Yami is just a girl that I really just saw a a typical tsudere character in the beginning. That would just say that Rito is her target every time. But, man in Darkeness she is someone that on any other day I wake up in the bed she can be my legit favorite girl in the series. She is someone that made this series one of my favorite in the harem genre. And it started when she said that she would be comfortable staying on earth.

The Best Arc In To Love Ru

This arc is the greatest arc in the whole franchise and nothing else comes even close to it. This arc was one that had just came together perfectly. I am gonna be honest from the story before hand I was just gonna think that they were gonna drag this story line with Nemesis to death. Along with all the other story lines. But, they brought it all together in a huge shock with Yami saying that she would be comfortable on earth. To then having the rebirth of Golden Darkness. Having twist and turns and putting a whole other meaning on fan service in this show. Even the Bangaihen chapters that was put in between this arc kept this whole arc enjoyable beginning to end. Giving this series a whole new direction. I remember just reading the comments with people shock that they had actual plot in the series. But, when the writers are serious they can really written a good series.

Golden Darkness Yami

Okay, without a doubt Golden Darkness Yami with no control is the most thirstiest character in the whole series. Not even the likes of Momo, Run, drunk Haruna, and maybe even the Principal cannot compete with the likes of thirst that Yami had for Rito this arc. From the way that she dressed to her overall design. She was just to me the definition of To Love Ru greatest. If Rito’s harem was lacking anything it was for sure a true Yandere. Mea and sometime Momo were okay but with Yami we for sure had a S Class Yandere. Man I can talk about Golden Darkness Yami all day and you know what, I will.

To continue, all she just wanted to do was to bathe in the blood of Rito. Is that so hard to ask for. Cause if it were me I would just lay down and say take me. Also, if your wondering if I am just fangasming over Yami, the answer is YES I FUCKING AM!!! From the reason of the birth of the psychopath Yami instead of her emotionless version was cause of Rito’s constant abusive over her. Then you just see her feeling all over her body. Saying everything that Rito has touched. To then her saying her most special part. Man I gotta clap it up for Rito for creating this masterpiece of a Yandere.

The Rito Stomp

Their is more that I want to talk about in this arc. But, I will save that for a certain big busted member of the top three if you know who I am talking about. But, I wanted to talk about the climax of this arc to me. As for the first time in the series history. Rito refuse to slip on a girl of his own will. Something he couldn’t control and done plenty of time to Yami and others. But, this time he had to attack her on purpose. And I don’t know if it’s just me but, when Rito took that step to prevent him from falling. I staright got out my bed and lost it. Cause that was one of the most manly moments that Rito has ever done in the franchise.

This was also the most progression that Rito has EVER had in the series. Their are moments here and there that show signs of what he could do when he was able to control that. But without a doubt when he took that step and got into the Principal stance. It was the most happy and hype that I had ever felt in the series. I might just be me being a crazy weeb but man. That was a epic climax to push the harem king out of Rito.


He then gave her the greatest preformace that he has ever given. Giving the like of Momo a little bit of a shock to his true abilities. Cause man he went a little crazy. But the battle part of ended perfectly with Yami returning back. To then have Mikan come in and straight catches Yami and Rito in the classic position that he is always in with females. The aftermath with Yami was just cute and very responsible of her. Cause she really didn’t have to apologizes to every single person in the school. But, she takes responsibility for all of her actions. This would later lead to my favorite Yami moment in the series.

Other Great Yami Moments

She probably has the largest amount of highlights in the show. So here are three that I enjoyed.

Flower Yami

The flower episodes will always be some of my favorite in the series. So when Yami got the flower she was the cutest little killer in the series. I just love the overall moments in this chapter. With Yami wanting to give Rito food but, ends up choking him. To her really wanting Rito to kiss her. But, Rito refusing cause he was not trying to get his way with a drunk Yami. Giving Yami a little more respect for Rito at the end of the episode.

Magnet Hands

Now another chapter that she got with Rito. Is the one where she is stuck holding hands with Rito for a whole day. Due to one of Lala inventions. So we get a whole day of them holding hands. Including bathing together of course. We also get the story of Yami’s past which I one that I personally enjoyed. To then end it as their hands finally separate Rito celebrates but, Yami wanted to keep close. So she knocked his ass out and cuddled up to him. In the the most cute and crazy way possible.

Mind Control Mikan

If I have to say anything about this scene. It was just a really good read for the PLOT. Cause this had the story of boobs friendship and was a great overall read. Man just look at the panel.

The Best Yami Moment

From the chapter before hand, when she was having the conversation with Mikan about her love for Rito. To the whole season just leading up to this moment. She became the THIRD girl in the whole FUCKING franchise to confess to Rito. So I gotta give props to her. Cause she could have easily just kept her feelings under the raps. But, once she realizes her feelings she just speaks it out. So i gotta give props to Yami cause the last confession was Run in the original To Love Ru. So shout out for Yami for causing a huge domino effect in the series with other girls confessing soon after.

Cute Moments

Sorry but, her blush is the best in the show. No one can beat it, sorry. I can’t really put it into words. Just know that I would die for this blush.

Savage Moments

Okay I wanted to highlight one moment at the end of the original To Love Ru. I know this is a small comment. But, when Rito was flying full force at Yami and she did not dodge. He ask why and she said that it would be a disgrace to dodge him. I just wanted to highlight one of my favorite Yami savage moments.

Yami and Rito

I am sorry but their relationship is one of the best in the show. Even thought it is a very abusive one. After Yami realized that she was in love with him. She really, really, really tried to stop her tsudere tendencys with Rito and tried to understand him more as a person. I know that they would have a great realtipnship with one another and they should talk more in the next series.

Most Developed Character

From the beginning of the series I don’t know if most people remembered. But, all she was was this muderous killer that had no emothions whatsoever. To then living on eatrh finding friends like Mikan and Lala. She had a lot of tsudere tendecies around Rito. But then, she started to have feeling for Rito without realizing it. She had fallen in love wiht the one person she couldn’t kill. She then confess that love to him. And is slowly trying to understand him more one step at a time.


I just wanted to talk about a single food. That when I make my trip one day to Japan. I will eat at my first chance to. Cause this food is the one that Yami stills eats to this day and I am fascinated that she still eats this trademark food.


After her confession to Rito she didn’t want him to return his answer for it. Out of her respect to Lala. But, I want her and Rito to interact more. Just imagine this Rito and Yami walking side by side like it is normal. Cause this is a series needs more of Yami just being happy. Also I hope that she talks to her mother one step at a time.

2K Rating: 98 Overall

She is a girl that can be very, very abusive at times. But, when you go through a whole life threatening and world saving arc she is someone that can be very cute afterwords.If she likes you she will try to understand you and try thing that you like. For example Mikan and cooking and Rito and gardening. She is quiet but, she won’t stray away from saying cold truths. She is highly intelligent and is just a girl that you can relax with. Even though she might be a deadly killer. She has a good heart and a Golden soul. Cause she is some that erased the Darkness from her past. Making her a girl that just goes by the name Yami.


We are finally in the top three. I can’t believe it myself. I want to thank you all again for reading I tried really hard to come out with this sooner. But, I was overdoing myself on this one. Yami is a girl that could have easily been number one in this project. So I had to give her a proper post. It is 6:02 right now in the morning and I need to go to sleep. So once again sorry for the wait as I quote Drake and ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

Hint for the Next Girl

” She is the main reason I made this project in the first place. With her having the best figure and bust in the whole series.”

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