R.I.P. To…| Kingdom Manga 600 “Fourteenth Night” Review

I am so happy that this great manga has reached 600 chapters. As we get the chapter this week, we get more destruction with HouKen, we get the lost of a good man, and we get the return of a great character. So let’s get started with the big six double o of Kingdom called the Fourteenth Night.

We start the chapter with the continuation of the slaughter of Houken. As he is just chopping through these bodies like it is butter. While that is happening we see this massacre through the perspective of Gramps. But, as he is in shock and on the ground hurt. We get a flashback of him along with a young MouTen.

Man MouBu was still a savage as a father. Being just like Ging from Hunter Hunter and just giving his son away so he can go do his thing. But, its nice to see some more of MouTen’s past. As he had a nice child hood and that is in part due to Gramps raising him like a father. Giving him his love. Making MouTen wanting the first person to hold his kids be him.

Man, a soon as I saw this panel above I just knew it was over. I felt so sad for Gramps cause he knows that he will die. But, he goes in anyway, just to help MouTen defeat this beast.

I got to give it to Gramps tough. He managed to hurt HouKen of all people in this world. But, he then sealed his faith. Getting HouKen his full attention. To then get slaughter in one savage slice. With his final thoughts being of MouTen

So I want to say RIP to ZoKen or more know as Gaku Gramps. A commander of the Gaku Ka Unit. Along with being a mentor and father to MouTen.

The way that MouTen sense this was just heartbreaking. When he realizes what happen to his Gramps. Man, MouTen might go crazy and try to kill HouKen himself. Or he might try his best to remain calm and try to stay logical. I can’t wait to see his tough process of MouTen and his conflict in his mind of what he will do. As he is one of the smartest in the series. I hope that he will think rational but, when it comes to family who knows.

When you realize that HouKen came here of his own will. Him wanting closure could mean anything or Shin. What is more crazy is that RiBoku didn’t even plan for this but he knows why he here. But, him being here might lead to a major event this arc.

That event might be the fall of HouKen. Which to me even though Shin can’t even stand in this chapter. Also Kyoukai is weak herself, Ouhon is just out of his long slumber, and MouTen might be full of rage. A lot might be against the Qin Army. But, what I really want to see is the move that OuSen makes finding this out.

We get the return of OuHon to the battlefield. He is someone that has earn my respect this arc and he might be part of this battle against HoKen. I know that he is on the opposite side of them. But, who know who HouKen will strike next.

What I finally want to talk about the color page to tribute to 600 chapters of greatness. It is beautifully showing all the great characters that this manga has given us. Giving me hope with the aspirations of the future battles with Chu and other, the naming of the next six great general under the havens of Qin, more politics and the war, and seeing all these characters grow and mature for this manga. I can’t wait for the next hundred chapters and so one for this masterpiece of a manga.


Man this chapter is a calm before the storm. Even though heads are getting chopped off right now and everything is tense. I just know that craziness has yet to come. With this chapter being the 600 it to me just set up the end of Zhou with the two great generals of Zhou both on the battlefield. I want to thank you for reading my Kingdom review and thank Sense Scans and Heaven Farms for translating this Kingdom greatness. So if you want to be notified on Kingdoms reviews and more you can sub on the right or just follow me on twitter at SakeDez. So until next time ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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