One Pun Man Sorry…. [UNFILTERED A&M Talk #6]

I recently watch the last episode of One Punch Man and I enjoyed it. But, I then after that Metal Bat fight I was really skeptical cause of how manga readers were hyping that up. Then, I read the manga and if you haven’t read the manga to One Punch Man I highly recommend that you do. Cause after reading chapter 57 and 58 of the Garou and Metal Bat Fight I can’t review this shit adaptation anymore. I know that JC Staff is trying their hard but, this series is just a cluster fuck. I will warn you that what you are gonna read next might shatter the glass for One Punch Man for you and make it even worse.

So you know the series Berserk right. I am not talking about the masterpiece of a manga or the solid 90s adatation. I am talking about the CG trash of an anime that disgraced the franchise. Well, fun fact about a staff member of berserk. They created this.

Now why am I talking about Berserk. Well the same sound director for Berserk created the sound for One Punch Man(Glass Shattered). I then watched the new episode after learning that. I then realized that this anime sound is trash. Sorry but, these people don’t know what they are doing.

So I am gonna finish binge this masterpiece of artwork and story of the One Punch Man manga. Cause this anime is just not that good. I will still watch it. But, I say that if you want to get your friends into One Punch Man tell to watch season 1 and go straight to the manga. Cause this anime is just garbage to me now. So sorry to One Punch Man for Madhouse being stupid.

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