Hiatus, Blog Update, Also the TLRP Finale.

I know that I have been gone a minute but, I am back now. Their are 5 main reasons for me being gone for so long.

  1. College- I just started the summer semester and everything is rushed to hell. Along with it be all in wack.
  2. Work- My job is cutting hour at the moment and making us work harder than before. So coming from work I get really tired mentally and physically cause I work in retail.
  3. My Blog- I was a little lost trying to find a way to make this blog better than it is right now. Trying my best to evolve as a blog and a person trying to stop going on hiatuses.
  4. TLRP- This project is something that I was planing to complete in one go. But, some very fortune events happen that is explain below
  5. Hunter X Hunter- I am probably the last person in the world to watch this anime and when I made it to the Chimera Ant arc. I couldn’t stop watching. Like I was glued to my seat. This gave birth to debatable my new favortie character of all time in Killua and favortie antagonist in Merum.


I will speak more about it in my June post but I know that June is gonna be my biggest month for this blog. I just know that this month will be my month of 5K veiws.

TLRP: Finale

Well it’s been a minute since I posted a profile and I just want to say sorry for the wait. But, it will have to be a little bit longer sadly. Cause I was writing near done with the number 3 and halfway through 2 and some of 1 that I was planning to complete today and post Thursday . But, I had the worst possible thing happen to my post. It didn’t auto save like it has done normally time and time again. So when I went to revised 3 I was a little bit pissed that four days of research and writing went down the drain. But, I will take this as a learning opportunity on my part and making sure that it saves and have multiple back up files and putting it on more than just WordPress. So I to put a long story short It will take a little longer than originally plan for the project. But the good news is that I will stick to my original plan for the final three coming within in three days of one another. But the bad news is that it will take a little longer cause of me basically starting from scratch for three. So I will just put these dates as the finale for the project along with the minor hints if you just wanted to know the order. But, know that these final three will be the best written in the whole project.

June 7th, midnightNumber 3 “My favorite girl in the series”
June 8th, midnight Number 2 “Pink hair, with the last name Deviluke”
June 9th, midnight Number 1 “Undisputed best girl in the series”
June 9th, noonEpilogue


So that is basically why I have been gone. So I will have a manga haul tomorrow I believe and more happening. So just know that I am back and ready to make content.

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