I Am In Love With the Monogatari Series

I had gotten into Hunter X Hunter and finished it. It was a series that had a huge impact on me that I always watch we getting home from work or fishing college. But, I then fished it. Leaving the same empty feeling that Gintama left with me after finishing that masterpiece. So I then began to search for my next long running series. Then I decided on the Monogatari series. This was a series that I always had in my backlog. So I was just like hell I give it a try. And man, this series is one that I couldn’t stop watching

I had tried to watch the first episode long ago. But, I never succeed to really get into it. But after hearing the praises for this series. I forced myself to re-watch episode 1. Then I just kept watching this amazing series. I had never thought that such a dialogue heavy and character interaction base anime would hook me so much. I love the visuals and deeper meaning of each situation in this anime. I then found such a lovable cast that I couldn’t turn away until I heard their stories.

The Characters

It is very rare that I feel so attach to a single anime character. But this anime has made me so attached for every character that I have learn more about them. Form this loli vampire that is obviously more than 10 times older than me. From, her interactions with Araragi alone make me want to learn more about her character. To the little sisters of Arargi that help create this meme below. These characters have funny and endearing moments at times.

I also enjoy the younger shy friend of Araragi, Sengoku and her pure self that tricked Araragi to play twister with her. She is someone that I and everyone in the series knows about her unrequited love for Araragi except Arargi himself. So I hope to get more about her character in the future series. Cause I think this series made me a ….. Actually I am not gonna admit that on air. Kande is also just an enjoyable and funny character to the cast. Their is so much more that I want to talk about. But, I will give these girls their own separate post.

But, the three character that I have the utmost respect and love for have to be Hanekawa, Senjougahara, and Koyomi. Cause all of them are deep and very special characters to my heart.

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Starting with Hanekawa, when she had the story of stress from trying to put up this image and the conflict with her family. To the point that she turns into a cat spirit that embodies what she wants to lash out. I love that conflict and it was just so relatable to me. Cause I will say this right now and that Hanekawa is the probably my favorite girl in this series at the moment. I hope to still enjoy her character after her revelation in the first arc of Monogatari Second Season.

Cause I will admit that I love her for her design at first. Then came the ovas, the prolonge and the first arc of Monogatari Second Season. She just kept becoming more and more deep as a character. But, I couldn’t put in to words to how much I relate to this perfectly imperfect person.

I just want to say that never felt so much happiest and pain for a single character. Until I watch this episode and fell in love with Hanekawa and her Neko version getting a nice head rub for everything that she has done.

To then see her get rejected after waiting so long to confess. It was just heart breaking but, so realistic at the same time. I never felt so much emotion in a scene in a good while. I love this scene so much I had to make a whole post about how great of a series this is. So thank you Monogatari.

Hitagi Senjougahara

I love how Hatagi is a tsundere at first haunted by a crab. A LITERAL representation of every tsundere character EVER. Having a tough outer shell that is hiding the soft and weak inside. I just love her development and care for Araragi. Cause she is so funny with her words. While also being so awkward at times. She is someone that has such a cool face all the time. While just being herself. She reminds me a lot like Holo ( Spice & Wolf) in a sense.

I just love in the ways that she says how much she loves Araragi. To the point that she will hunt down and murder the person that murders her lover. While also trapping him in a room to protect him for all threats. She is the perfect wife. It is rare for the main girl to be the true best girl in the series. But, Hatagi is that girl and might be along with Hanekawa in my top 10 girls in anime history.

Araragi Koyomi

Finally I just want to talk about my boy Arargi. The true harem king, the man will die time and time again for these girls, a true hero, and vampire. This man, unlike most harem protagonist is way more human and likable. He might be a lolicon that enjoys grouping school girls, a man make tooth brushing the most sexual thing on earth, also a sis-con that has groped and and kissed his sisters. This man is just amazing. I know that I just said all that crazy stuff about him. But, he is funny, caring, and endearing. He is just a great overall character that I can’t wait to see develop more into one of my favorite character in anime history.


This series has many more great characters that I haven’t even gone into. With so much more I can’t wait to continue this masterpiece of a series. Also I purchase the the whole light novel season 1 book set after this episode. I might just be on a Monogatari high right now. And I really don’t want to get out of it. So I am gonna go watch some more Monogatari. So until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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