Top 3 Rulers in Anime & Manga

I just want to talk about some of my favorite anime and manga rulers I would serve under. Their are a rare amount of good rulers in anime and manga. Let alone people that I would serve under or accept as my ruler. Mostly out of respect of them being a great and just ruler or them having a great goal or passion that I would help them succeed. This list includes Kings, Queens, Shoguns, and such in anime and manga. So here is my top three rulers in anime.

3) Queen Historia Reiss

Attack on Titan

Out of all the people in this list I will say that she has the least expertise and exposure to the politics of ruling. But, I relate with this character so much from beginning to end of her development in the anime. Also with her goals so far I believe that she is gonna be a great queen that I would clearly serve under. She is also might be the strongest in this list also with her military experience.

2) Shogun Tokugawa Shige Shige


I will not spoil Gintama much here cause it is my favorite anime of all time and I just want more people to watch it. With some of the greatest cast of all time that I want everyone to experience this first hand. But, for people that know THAT ARC you know why this man is such an amazing ruler. Cause of what this man has done. He is a man that I will serve and defend to the very end.

HM) Queen Hatshepsut

Aoi Horus no Hitomi

The lengths that this queen will go for her land and for her throne is insane. Even tough this manga is short and another chapter hasn’t came out in forever. The girl in the 13 chapters that I have read has left a huge impact on me. In this manga, this queen has already shown that she is far superior to her rival, husband, and king in everything except strength. The way that she makes moves in politics and care for her people are crazy. This is a really underrated manga and I just wish more chapters would come out for this amazing series.

1) King Ei Sei

Kingdom Manga

Sei is the greatest King in all of fiction. When you see this man from the beginning to were he is now. The things that he has done to just motivate his people to the point of death. The politics that he is already mastered at such a young age. The journey he is still taking to become the ruler of all the seven kingdoms of China. I would risk my life for the King with no hesitation. Cause he is the greatest ruler in all of manga history.


Well this was in the backlog for a while. This was something that I always wanted to talk about. I know that their are plenty of rulers that can be easily be on this list. But, these four to me are the cream of the crop. If you can think of a great ruler that I forgot the comment below. So until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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