An Amazing Written Antagonist | Akane Shinjo of SSSS Gridman

I just want to say that some antagonist in anime are not the best written. But, when we get a good written antagonist it becomes an amazing contribution to the arc and the overall narrative of the story. From the great antagonist of Merum form Hunter X Hunter who I began to root for in the series and his discovery of himself. To the top commander of the Big Mom Pirates Charlotte Katakuri of One Piece. I love when you make an antagonist that can be very relatable or human from theirs or anothers perspective.

One antagonist that I want to highlight today is Akane Shinjo of the anime SSSS Gridman. Now SSSS Gridman is a very underrated anime in gerneral. I didn’t even think about picking up. Until hearing some of the praises it got form the people that have watched it. After seeing this girl being claimed as the best antagonist of the year by some people. I then finally picked up this anime that I really started to enjoy not cause of the protagonist but, the antagonist of the story. Through the series you get more and more info on the main antagonist and want to root for her more as we get more of the well written Akane.

Now heading into a little SPOILER territory Akane Shinjo is the God of this world. Controlling it as she sees fit. Thus when the people in the world bump into her and don’t apologies or aren’t her ideal person in the world she just can erase them and any residence of them as she sees fit. But, when Gridman comes into her world she gets angry. That her perfect ideal world is being tainted and out of her own control.

She does defeat Gridman in this show. But, he keeps getting up and it annoys her to the point that she traps the three protagonist in the the anime in their own personal dream worlds. Where she is all of their ideal girlfriend, lover, or crush. But, this is where her true reason for creating this world and their dream world exists. With Akane just wanting to avoid her own loneliness. Thus her creation for this world where she has her ideal friends. But, sadly not even in the dream world that she created for protagonist, she can’t forced or trick them to be her friend. Bringing them all back to reality in her world. Episode 9 was so powerful in this anime and I have to commend the Ikarashi Kai, Hasegawa Keiichi, and the whole Trigger staff for the amazing 10 out of 10 episode in this show.

She is defeated in the end and the world is restored to normal. With the main antagonist brought to the light and making friends with all the protagonist. But, she had to leave the world to go to another. Making sure that everyone forgets her as she leaves. But, it is saddest part about that is a girl that love her for her and not programmed to love her had to make her leave. Despite loving her and wanting her to stay she had to go to another world and make friends in the real world. That moment made this whole show an amazing story that is so underrated story that I just hope people will watch it. Cause Akane Shinjo is an amazing antagonist and a human being.


Thank for reading this cause I never thought that I would love SSSS Gridman cause for some strange reason I had this thing against mecha. But, then I realize that I really had no reason to not watch mecha anime to this point. But, I really just never did. But, after watching the FIRST HALF of Darling In the Franxx and SSSS Gridman I now can watch a lot more mecha anime with a open mind. Well I hope you enjoyed my first analysis of an anime character. So until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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