Lupin The Third: Anime’s Greatest Collection of Thieves

Now I am relativity new to the Lupin universe. But, when I first watched this anime. I was lost in this crazy universe that was lead by these group of thieves. I started this series with the oddest one to start with for the average fan, that being the Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. I then watch some Lupin AMVs and other videos about this amazing franchise. I might have just started but Lupin is such an amazing character that I can’t wait to see more of his antics. The art, direction, and the crazy action in this show is on another level past part 4 and the movies. I just want to say that this series is just so enjoyable mainly due to the simple and lovable thieves.

The four characters that are in this series are just a collective of bad asses that just steals and fights. That is really what these characters are about so far. I haven’t jump into part 4 fully yet though. I can’t wait to find out more about these characters. I want to highlight these 4 characters or should I say thieves that make the series so good.

Goemon Ishikawa

This man is so bad ass that I couldn’t help but praise this man and his epic swordsmanship. He is a samurai in modern japan that is sometimes on the same side and sometimes on the opposite side of Lupin. But, I love that this man can just be straight savage with his sword. If you ever saw his fight against Hawk man that was insane.

Jigen Daisuke

This man is to me just an epic gunman. No one can beat his trigger cause he is just that quick. This man is the right hand to Lupin and I wouldn’t have now one else as the right hand to that crazy man. He is a chill guy and former assassin turn thief by Lupin.

Fujiko Mine

Might be my bias cause I started Lupin with a story focused on her. But, man her intro to that story made me love her instantly. Cause she is one of the rare people that can be totally naked and just keep focusing and pursuing the prize. She is a crazy seductress and the love of Lupin in the story. She might also have a cause for the sexiest women in all of anime.

Lupin the Third

My man mother fucking Lupin the Third. This man from his intro with the cockiness that he had was amazing. With him always having that great smile on his face. This man is just on another level of greatness. He will tell the cops that he is gonna steal something and still get away with it. He is a pervert and mad man at sometimes. But, I never met such a lovable character from day one since Zoro from One Piece.


Lupin the Third is a series that I really wanted to cover more. Cause this is a series that I recently gotten into and really enjoyed.I also really want more people to get into and have fun with. Cause in this series is one that YOU DONT HAVE TO START FROM PART ONE. Cause of the series just kinda restarting and just being a story following 5 very lovable characters. Until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

RIP To Kazuhiko “Monkey Punch” Katō

May 26, 1937 – April 11, 2019

I just want to thank this incredible man that started this amazing franchise. He passed away a couple months ago and I sadden by his death. May he rest in peace.

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