Attack On Titan Tribute To…(HUGE SPOILERS)

If you know I recently Erwin Smith, one of my favorite characters of all time finally has met his end in the anime. This man is still without a doubt the greatest character that has ever live in the Attack On Titan and the things that he has done to his very death will be something that I will never forget. So I just want to give tribute the the man that even with a fucking Titan chewing on his mother fucking arm and dragging him away. He is still shouting out commands like the crazy man that he is.

He is a man that had to become the devil in order to give humanity the push to freedom. He had to live on with the burden of every person that he has lead to their deaths. A huge burden to live with but, in order to succeed in his dream to learn about the world he would do anything. He then had to make the greatest decision of his life to lead a bunch of rookies to their deaths and give up on his dream. For a just a chance to defeat the Beast Titan in a time with no hope.

This man is one of the greatest men in anime history. I understand why this anime is greatness now. I feel bad for everyone that has not picked up this masterpiece of an anime. This is my favorite arc in anime history and I can’t wait for what happens in the future of this great franchise. Thank you again the GOAT Erwin Smith, commander of the survey corp and amazing man. Until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

2 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Tribute To…(HUGE SPOILERS)

    1. It is my friend. Cause man this arc is so great that I am literary debating with myself on putting this series over my favorite anime of all time in Gintama. Cause it is that fricking good!!

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