Dr. Stone | Anime Coming Summer 2019 #1

Summer anime is coming soon and with good line up as well. So I will try to introduce some of the anime I will be watching in the summer. Starting with the love child of the amazing artist in Bochi and creator of Eyeshield 21, Riichiro Inagaki. These two are amazing mangaka that made this post apocalypse world where everyone is turned to stone by a mysterious light. But, after several thousands of years the two main protagonist break out of the stone and try to save all of humanity through science. I am so happy to see one of my favorite artist in the industry Bochi finally get one of his works animated. With this also being an Shonen Jump property this will be taken good care of. So I will be watching this series for that.

But, why YOU should be watching this series is for the science. Yes, I said science. As everything in this world had to restart from starch again. So you get the enjoyment of making electricity, glass, and medicine. The way that they show science in the manga is always entertaining and worth the watch. It might be slow in the first episodes. But, once you meet the village you will not be able to resist. So this is a series that I will be watching and I hope that you are also. Until next time,

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