TLRP: Number 3 “Yui Kotegawa”

Time for the first part of grand finale of the To Love Ru Project. With number three being my current personal favorite girl in the series and the main reason for this whole project. So lets talk about the SHAMELESS and lovable tsundere, Yui Kotegawa.

Baka Baka Mentality

I will just wanted to inform you that I will be using this term alot during this profile of Yui. So a little FYI it is common knowledge that all tsundere’s use the term baka. Which means idiot as we all know. But, Baka Baka mentality is basically the term that when they are act like a tsundere to the point of acting or being idiotic themselves. Sadly Yui uses this mentality as all tsunderes fall victim to. #BakaBakaMentality


Yui Kotegawa has been with the franchise since the original To Love Ru. She was brought into the series as the sane person in this crazy cast of people. With her introduction she was a typical tsundere girl that will always end up in “situations” with the other girls. But she developed into a very enjoyable character later in the series.

One reason she is so high compared to the other girls is the way that her feeling developed for Rito. Compared to most girls prior in the story (Lala, Run, Haruna), they didn’t really have a natural way of falling for Rito as Yui. Cause Yui was slowly but, surely taken care of story wise when falling for Rito.

I believe that she first fell for him. When this girl displayed her baka baka mentality and walked up to three really ugly bastard odd looking men and uses her baka baka mentality on them. The men gang up on her as expected in every h plot and are ready to turn this series into a 6 digit number on a certain website. (Shout out to you if you got that reference). But, she gets saved by her knight in shining armor in Rito. I believe that this was the chapter where she got the idea of him as a person that she can trust more than the usual. This was also a chapter where we got to see her brother Yuu beat up some people.


Speaking of Yuu, I also want to shout out to Yui’s older brother Yuu Kotegawa. My boy ain’t got enough screen time in the series. But, I still really enjoyed his character as someone that has to deal with the baka baka mentality and ultimate tsundere persona of Yui on a daily bases. I really wanted to learn more about of the development between his relationship with Haruna’s sister.

FUN FACT: Yui REALLY likes cats cause they are really cute. She has cat posters, cat dolls, and other cat shaped items all over her room. She also made Rito a cat shape chocolate for valentines day.


Is Yui the true childhood friend and not Haruna? Joking or not? Cause in the past she did meet Rito as a child saving a cat in tree for her. But, Rito is oblivious as hell (as usual) and never knew the girl that he climbed up a tree for. Before upon meeting Rito she would protect girls in elementary from doing SHAMELESS things. Giving her the baka baka mentality and her famous quote is cause of boys. Thus her rejecting all men and forms of love due to this reason. (Until Rito comes in and says “hold my harem”)

I also want to note that Cenline has a become really fond of Yui. I don’t know the reason but, she really loves something about her. Maybe it just shows that Yui is a very capable mother. Who knows.

FUN FACT PT.2 : As she REALLY likes cats. Along with having such a infatuation with them she does not own one cause of her baka baka mentality and being very embarrassed by admitting to have one.


Whoever decided to give my girl Yui that catchphrase is a king. Cause I will never get tired of her saying that amazing word SHAMELESS!!!! Also on a mini rant note, Fuck the English translator that decided to put in the English To Love Ru Volumes that trash word salacious in the manga. It just threw me off so much when I read that in the English manga. But, I am still happy to collect this great manga.

Best 7 Moments

There are way too many great Yui moments in this franchise. From her introduction to her first smile. To the moment that she realize that she love Rito. Then into the Darkness series when she was a little more presumptuous and WILLING to allow Rito to do shameless things to her. She does not disappoint in her chapters in the sequel. She can be either really sexualized or just down to heart with her moments. I was so hard to make a top 7 cause I really could not narrow down to 3 or 5.

Rainy Day

I love this episode cause it just shows how cute Yui can be. While also giving us a very good treat of a soaked Yui. So I was just happy about this chapter overall. It was just funny when Rito pinned her down and she trying to prepare her body for Rito.

Sick Visit

This chapter was really good for Yui. But, I believe that this was the moment that she really fell for Rito. (It’s debatable). But, I just love this chapter cause it was just a little bit of a chill episode. Also it is always fun to have a little bit more of Yuu.

Valentine Day Chocolate

The two chapter mini arc that highlight valentine day was really enjoyable. Cause it was from Yui’s perspective out of all the characters it could have been. You just got to see the way that Yui took care and made her chocolate for Rito. To then struggle to give it to him. But, in the end the chocolate did not go to waste. So it was just overall cute one how she gave it to him also.

Call Of Pleasure

I am sorry Yui, but you must be sacrificed for plot. This was just one of those scenes where she was trying to be the cute girl talking on the phone with a guy. But, got a different type of call instead.

Dark Night

MAN this chapter made me feel some type of way. Cause when she said that she was gonna allow Rito to do shameless things to her. But, only her. I was just mad after Rito was just being Rito. But, I am gonna get on his ass on that epilogue later.

Cat Paw

This looked like the set up to a scence in Kanojo X 3. But with a cat paw that looks like a certain object…..But, come on we all can see how this scene is going down. But, it still happened anyways. This scene to me was just one of the funniest set up to a “situation” in the series.

The Great Fall

Out of all the great falls that have happen in this series. This one to me is without a doubt the greatest fall in all of the series. This also made Yui’s mouth a little more SHAMELESS than it was before hand. This is without a doubt a top 5 maybe even top three panel in the series.

Yui And Rito

Not Cannon

All Yui thinks about is Rito and having kids with him. I just hope that one thing happens and that is that confession that I . It’s just sad that this gif isn’t cannon and we know that Rito won’t do this unless he goes through a life changing arc.

She Is So Pure

Yui is litearlly the literal opposite personality then what her body portrays. One of the many many reasons that I love Yui is just cause of how pure she is. (Despite being in this series). Due to her past and not really getting along with men. It cause her to just recently discover love.

To Love Ru Project Origins

So about a year ago I joined the To Love Ru Sub Reddit. I then asked a simple question of WHO IS BEST GIRL. I then got alot more response than I ever expected to the question. With me backing my girl Yui in that war. Looking back at it now I am really happy that I ask that question. Cause it gave me a great feel for my favorite Reddit community. Along with giving me the push and motivation for my whole blog and make this my first project on the site. So I made a list base on story influence, personality, wife material, and a lot of other factors that make a true best girl. Looking back on it now. I will probably never make another list ranking these girls. Cause after writing this list theses girls are too good to truly rank. But, if you wanted to know the origins of the TLRP than that’s it.

What She Means To Me

To be honest I really didn’t know why I had her as my favorite for the longest. As we all know that she is a annoying tsundere that has the craziest baka baka mentality of all tsundere time. She can be psychopathic and very abusive at times. But, I believe to me I grew up with her the most out of everyone in the franchise. Then upon learning more about her personality. Along with more and more of that tsune blush on her face. It just made me happy. More happy that Run, and all the other girls in the series. That might be a simple and very stupid reason to that I love her so much. But, if I you thought I was gonna say something that I like her so much is because she had the best body, and tits in the whole fucking series. You would be ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, AND CONSTITUTIONALLY right also.


For the future of the series I want one thing from from Yui. Actually the thing that I want the most in this whole series. Is that confession from her. Cause out of all the girls in this series that haven’t confess to Rito. She is the one that I need before the end of this series. But, I will not accept anything less than that amazing Yami confessing when it comes to her. Cause I have been waiting since that night that she was willing to let Rito go ham on her. But, after that Yami’s, Momo’s, and even Haruna’s confession. I want a fucking double spread for my queen.

Mama Yui

One other thing, (I know I said one) she needs to be a mother at some point. Cause with all of these hints and maybe foreshadowing. I would not be shock if Yui is the first one pregnant by Rito by the end of this series.

2K Rating: 98 Overall

Man, all she dreams about is having kids. Cooking, being a good mother and doing SHAMELESS things to her man. She might be a tsundere and is very abusive and all. But, when she warms up to you. She can be one of the most chill girls in the series. Plus she has potential to be in the series the most (let say it all together) SHAMELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of them all.


It might have taken two whole takes but, this was still worth it rewriting for my favorite girl. Now their are only two left in this project that took forever to complete. That being in alphabetical order, starting with the lovable Lala who that has been here since day one. Then the lewd Momo or a girl that is a lot deeper than previously thought? Some of you guys already know who it is. But, for those who don’t you’ll find out in less than 24 hours. So until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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*- People that I would move higher than I previously put in this list.

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