TLRP: Number 2 “Momo Belia Deviluke”

Momo Deviluke, is a hypercritical, borderline yandere, jealous girl, that is very flawed……But, I love her for that. If you didn’t drop the post after that crazy start then I commend you for hearing me out. Cause she is number 2 for a reason. Now, let us talk about the harem pioneer and the third princess, Momo Belia Deviluke.


Momo Deviluke is the youngest in the Deviluke family. As she is the second twin to Nana and the younger sister to Lala. She was introduced during the later half of the original to love Ru, but made her debut as one of the main heroins in Darkness. She is someone that has been in love with Rito since the original series. While also growing in the Darkness series. She has had a lot of ups and downs in this series. While also trying to love her first love with her sister in her way. Momo is crazy but, man do I fucking love her character that is deeper then I ever thought.


Before Darkness where she shined. She was in the later half of the original To Love Ru. Where she was nice and quiet at first, but still gave little hints to her perverted nature with her asking questions like how far Rito and Lala have gone and stuff like that. But, more you got into her character the more you realize how her character is a little bit of a yandere. I didn’t realize how much she was one until I reread that Celine Arc in To Love Ru. Cause man out of all the daughters of Gid she as the most of his blood lust in her. Afterward tough, Momo came to love Rito after seeing his passion for the plant Celine in the Celine arc. With her eventually sleeping in his bed numerous times. Slowly setting up for her epic debut as the lead in Darkness.

To Love Ru Darkness

Now, out of all intro to a character in this series. When Momo 2.0 came into that bathroom to “help” Rito. She literally broke the norm of To Love Ru. With this series changing from a super not shonnen shonnen to a seinen immediately with Momo and her reintroduction. Where she tries her best to make everyone happy and make everyone part of the harem plan. Were everyone will love. Helping Rito in his quest to be the harem god that he is. And through this sequel, she became one of the best and beloved girls in the franchise.

Harem Plan

A little info on the harem plan. The inspiration to it came from her older sister Lala. As she fell for Rito but, didn’t know how to be in his world with him being with her sister. So then apon hearing some of the great lessons from Lala. She then formulated a little more large scale and XXX version of the harem plan that Lala conceived.


Momo treats her oldest sister Lala with the higest respect. She even calls her onee-sama. (Sama being the highest of praise that you can give to someone’s name. Mostly given to rulers or high standing people). She cares for her some much that she will never try to take Rito for herself. Also Lala was the moderator between fights of her and her sister Nana.

On the opposite hand on how she treats Lala she treats Nana like a child and gets into fights all the time. They also use their tails as weapons of choice against one another. But, deep down they care deeply for one another.

Fun Fact: She has the ability to control and talk to plants. Thus another reason she loves Rito. Due to him being a gardener.


Not Cannon.

Ever since she fell in love with Rito. She became the aggressor towards him. Performing various acts of “stuff”. But, even though she held back revealing her feelings to him. (TOUGH ANY OTHER PROTAGONIST IN ANIME HISTORY WOULD HAD BEEN UNDERSTAND HER FEELING BY NOW AND RITO WAS SHOCKED AS FUCK) But, after she confess her feelings to him. She is gonna add a whole other level to that now. And I can’t wait to see it.

Nemisis & Mea

Nemesis is probably Momo’s greatest rival in the show. Both in love and sex war. The toughest arc for Momo to go through period is the arc where Nemesis was in Rito’s body. But, I believe that this was the best developmental arc for her. In order to help gather her feeling away from Rito. Wanting to be closer to him.

Top 3 Momo Moment

Momo has so many amazing moment’s like her confession to Rito. Along with the many chapters where she basically b*** him, sleepy with him and training his beast, making so many sex metaphors its canning(Like the plants that spurt out some weird cum cream, or all the crazy things that happen in her mind. But, to me their where 3 moments that made her the ecchi queen that she is today.

3. The Harem Plan Birth

This was literally the birth of the harem plan. I remember first watching this and thinking that man we are really doing this right now. But, To Love Ru sadly, didn’t show it. (Despite it being a seinen). But, this chapter was the start of darkness and showed another level of ecchi in the new series. While also starting the new relationship between her and Rito.

2. Momo And Risa Time

We all know I brought this up in the Risa profile. But man is this an amazing chapter. As Momo is the pervert queen. But, getting dethrone for a chapter as Risa is her weakness. After that I am pretty sure that Momo was made Momo bi after this amazing scene. And I want another one.

1. Ice Cream

In the manga this scene was not even close to the level that the anime did this scene. Cause man after I first watched this, I never look at ice cream the same again. If you ever get the chance, just re-watch this scene cause it is a masterpiece of a ecchi scene.


She is such a troll sometimes its hilarious. Especially with us the audience. Cause with her daydreams she is someone that keeps making us believe that these crazy scenes are happening. Though it makes me a little more pissed at Rito every time I see one. But, all her moments with Rito and her teasing where amazing. As she would go near the limit but, never go beyond. Trolling Rito and us at the same time.

Yandere Momo

Out of all of Gid’s daughter, Momo for sure got his rage. I know that she is someone that when you get on her bad side she is not someone to fuck with. I just wanted to hightlight that we should get more of this Momo often.

The Pevert

As the pioneer of the harem plan, she is a pervert that we all need. She is the most perverted fucking FEMALE( No one beats the principal) in the whole series. She watched so much “research” videos to the point that she is giving Rito the best top in the series. She is has some of the greatest things in her mind when Rito is close to these girls. She is girl that masturbates to Rito in her spare time. Then when he is sleeping, she also gets her fun too. Taking baths with Rito and literally offering her body multiple times. She is mother fucking perverted as fuck and I love her for that. As most females hide it she goes full balls to the wall. So thank you Momo for being who you are.

The Hipocracy of Momo

Fun Fact: Momo Twist her hair when she is stressed.

The thing about Momo that makes her a little bit of a hypocrite when it comes to the harem plan in general. In the beginning of the harem plan she is all for it. Trying to push girls in to situations with Rito. But, when she finds out that Haruna kissed Rito, BOY she was feeling all kind so of emotions. Feeling like a loser that couldn’t have her way with Rito first. Wanting to be his best girl. Denying her emotions and wanting to make everyone happy. Still trying to push Rito to confess and form the harem. Then, happy that it failed like all the other times. But, that is the reason that I love so much cause in reality you can’t think like Lala. But, still she tries her best to be like her. Hell the whole point of the harem plan is so that she can love Rito and still have her sister happy. That is what makes her a good hypocrite compared to any other. Even after her confession to Rito she said that the harem plan will go no were despite admitting that she does not want the harem and want to be his best girl.

A Beatifully Flaw Character

Momo is not perfect. Nor is she the best girl in the series. But, she is Momo fucking Deviluke. She is a lovable pervert that we the audience love to see. She is a girl that still has a lots of room still to grow. She can be crazy at times and wants to control everything in her hands. But, at the same time she can be caring and endearing to the ones that she loves. So I want to say that this amazing character that is not perfect. But, beautifully imperfect as she is a loving, crazy, caring, jealous, perverted, and borderline yandere. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I really want one thing with her and that is to admit her feelings about Rito to Lala. Cause I really want to see Lala’s reaction to the discovery of all the things that Momo has done to him. Also sorry Momo, but you will never be Rito’s best girl unless you accept that Gid blood in you and go full Yandere and murder your sister Lala, Haruna, Run, Yui, and Mikan. Then, you can be his best girl.

2K Rating: 98 Overall

Once again I will say that she is a hypercritical girl that can’t help that she loves Rito and wants him for herself. She is a borderline yandere character with her dad’s blood that will do anything to protect the ones that she loves. She is a jealous girl, but even thought she is, she still wants to make everyone happy at the end of the day. She is Momo Deviluke, the lovable pervert, the troll, the pioneer of the harem plan, a ride or die, and the second best girl of To Love Ru.


Thanks for reading this. I hope that I did Momo justice cause I knew that she was a fun character. But, man upon reread I never though of her as such a deep as fuck character. Trying her best to make everyone happy. But with that completed we now have finally made it. After so long we made it to the final and the best girl in the To Love Ru Franchise. That being the chosen one, Riko Yukki (Lala reads this : Hold My Peke). So until the next 24 hours, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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