TLRP: Number 1 “Lala Satalin Deviluke”

It is finally time, it might have taken three months and three weeks to complete. But we have finally made it to the best girl in To Love Ru. So without further ado I show you the best girl in the the whole amazing To Love Ru franchise, future wife of Rito, one of the smartest people in the universe, the first princess of Deviluke, the one and only Lala Satalin Deviluke.


Just remember that this story all started with this beautiful girl from another world. As she teleports into the bathtub of Yukki Rito. Fully naked and reavealed. Making some Dragonball jokes about her tail. To then admit that she is running away from her dad. Lying to Zastin and her father that she was in love with Rito. As an excuse to run away from home. To then, misinterpret the meaning of Rito’s words and fall in love with him. As soon as she fell for him she let him know that in an instance. She then gave us the beginning to this amazing harem series.

Fun Fact: Lala loves Rito so much in the beginning that everything that the first gift that he gave her. She held in a special treasure box just for him.

Pre-Dad Arc To Love Ru

This is basically the chapters following Lala’s confession to Rito. But, Lala was always overpowered in these arcs with a smile on her face. While Rito was in constant danger ( Not Really) of all of Lala’s suitors that wanted to bride her. These arcs were mainly Lala enjoying the fun parts of earth as she was a royal princess (a little head cannon) and she didn’t really have a lot of freedom as a kid. Thus giving us a little bit of a reason for her child like attribute in the beginning Leading us to the arc where her father came to visit the man who is to wed his daughter.

Post-Dad Arc

I just want to say that the Dad/Gid arc was really important for Lala cause she really never considered Rito’s feeling and decided instanly that she would erase her self from everyones mind to make Rito happy. Though it didn’t work. I have to commend her to really erase herself for the man that she loves. But, mainly after the dad arc is were more girls were introduced and got more screen time compared to Lala. But, through the aftermath of this. Rito slowly but, surely finally fell for Lala. Another thing that makes Lala a real one to me. She made a man that was in love with another women since childhood. Fall for her, admit his feelings to her before anybody else, and did it without manipulation and being her self.

Fun Fact: Peke is her clothes bot but, more than that Peke is her friend and an very loyal companion. Also to me Lala’s greatest creation.

TLR Darkness

Now, even though Lala got the AXE to screen time in Darkness. She became a even greater than best girl. She became the best girl in the series without even having that much screen time. I know that sounds crazy but, to me every chapter that she was a main focal point in Darkness was greatness. From the beginning in when she basically said fuck the law and marry everyone. She to me just mature alot in that sequel maybe because her family was more around or that she was just not in the picture much. But, I love her moments in the manga of Darkness.


Despite being her rival in love. Lala has also loved and became really close friends with Haruna. Approving her love for Rito and not only that. But, having the idea of them both loving Rito together and both marrying him. So that they can both be happy. I just love Lala for this and she is just amazing, showing no jealously, and no ill will towards Haruna. But, thats what makes her so out of this world.


Lala is the spawn of a angelic women in Sephie and a demonic man in Gid. She is a daughter those two and she for sure got the best traits from both of them (epesially her Mom). She also has two sisters that we all know of in Momo and Nana that both look up to her very highly. Also I just have to note that her whole family really ain’t scare to fight one another. Cause Lala will tell off her dad to his face, Momo will fight Nemesis to the death, Nana has that strong baka baka mentality, and we all know about the goat Gid. So I gotta give props to Sephie for being the calm one in that family.

Top 3 Moments

Lala is a goddess. She has a masterpiece of moments in the anime and manga of To Love Ru and Darkness. I really enjoyed her moments, from her being sick and shy, all her fight, the christmas arc greatness, the beggining of the story, the evolment of her character, she has so many that I really wanted to do a to 20. But I started thinking that this was gonna be a little to long. So I picked three moments.

Darkness Arc

Now this might be something random to bring up. But, the main reason for Yui staying on earth and not murdering Rito is because of Lala. With her just her words and a little bit of might Lala protected Rito from demise. Preparing us for the Darkness arc that they would eventually have. Cause Rito still had a target on his back and when Yami finally ticked. Lala gave us some of the most fun chapters in the manga’s history.

Christmas Party

It might just be my bias. But, just seeing and overpower Lala gave me some Killua vibes in the arc. But, man is this is just a overall fun chapter as Saki is being herself and Lala being Lala. It might be an odd moment to put so high but, hey I just really liked those chapters.


You know their is one question that I have always had in my mind. But, didn’t really realize till this final bonus chapter before the hiatus. That being is Rito still a virgin? Cause if you count sucking the lollipop then no. But, if you think penetration must happen. Then after this great finale chapter I am pretty sure that Lala and Rito are no longer virgins after this last chapter. Cause even thought he is a fucking thermostat. He still inserting something into Lala in the most funny and sexual scene in the whole series before going on hiatus.

Her Simple Yet Complex Mind

She is someone with that Gon( Hunter X Hunter) or Goku (DBZ) personality. That makes her character really hard not to love. Cause she has such a simple mind that wants everyone to be happy and doesn’t really think about her acts kindness. But, she can be really endearing and smart sometimes. While also being an airhead at others.

Rito and Lala

Not Cannon

I love Haruna and her relationship to Rito. But, then I realize that Rito would not have ever develop as a man if he didn’t meet Lala. ( As little of man that is already is but I digress). Cause Lala really pushed him to get over his weakness to girls (a little but I digress, and Yes Momo did alot more). I know that Haruna is Rito’s dream girl and I know that they would be a great couple together. But, the best girl for Rito is Lala. She is someone that pushes him to be better, someone that he can be honest with, someone that he loves dearly. Despite not having any feeling of love but, annoyance towards her. So I just love their overall relationship. Also in Darkness they are just an old married couple to me and it is enjoyable.

She Is Perfect

Lala is someone that to me has almost no flaws as a character. She had the body that is competeable with Yui. That can grow into Sephie one day. She has all the traits of being a best girl. Being a ride or die that will protect her man. She is someone that has alot of motherly potential that is really not touch on alot. She is someone that everyone girl in the series somewhat respects (EVEN SAKI). While also having the best dark matter food in the universe. She is Lala Satalin Deviluke a girl that really wants the best for everyone and has no selfish thought about it. While she also is the most honest girl in the series. So she is top teir wife material to me.

Why She Is Best Girl

I love Lala and everything she is about and to be honest. In the beginning, before the reread I really did not think that she would be the best girl in this project. Hell I was sure upon coming up for the Idea of the list that she would not even be in the top five. But, man upon reread I began to love Lala’s character, personality, relationship to Rito, body, and just overall portrayal of her. Cause really I have never scene such a perfect girl that wants to make everyone happy and has no hate towards anyone really.


I WANT MORE FUCKING LALA!!! GET THE LEGAL STUFF FIGURE OUT AND GIVE ME MORE OF THIS GODDESS OF A CHARACTER CAUSE MORE LALA NEVER HURT NOBODY. (What about Rito) NOBODY. I mainly just want more chapters of the OG three. Those being Haruna, Run, and Lala (also Yui, Mikan, Saki, and Yami) cause I am a simple man.

2K Ratings: 99 Overall

I didn’t realize how hard it is to put her in words cause she is literally the hardest character to disect in the series. Cause I can really go deep in on Celine’s character. *pause* She is someone that has the brains despite how much you think that she is a airhead. She is someone that is one of the most unique designs in the beginning of the anime (Run Still One). She became such an mature person that thinks of everyone’s feelings in Darkness. She makes everyone happy and makes it look easy compared to everyone else. She is a goddess of a character that I would not put anyone above her as the best girl for now. (Sayaka is lurking quietly)


I want to thank so many of you for following me in this crazy little project of mines. Their are so many people that I want to thank that it is crazy. So in the epilogue I will be thanking you all, giving my personal top 18, alot of sources for some of those amazing pictures, and a little bit of a Rito rant. So be prepared for that madness. This was my first ever project on my blog and I never though that it would get so much response. I feels unreal that it is over, as I made this thinking that To Love Ru would never come back. But, man I can’t wait for the next arc of that To Love Ru greatness.

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*- People that I would move higher than I previously put in this list.

This pic is here for no reason other than to reaffirm that yes Lala is best girl . ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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