TLRP: Epilogue

I know that I was late with the epilogue. But, the main reason was I had to work 4 days in a row along with studying for exams two days prior. But, for a conclusion to it all. I wanted to make sure it was taken care of. So here is the grand finale of the To Love Ru Project. What you can expect is my personal top 18 girls at the moment, A little bit of a Rito rant, and alot of thank yous. So lets get started.

My Personal Top 18 Girls

These girls in this series are so good. That in 24 hours this whole list can be upside down. But, this is my opinion as of June 10th, 2019. These girls are so good that their really can never a true best girl in the series. And yes that statement just made my whole list and rankings irrelevant just now. But, man I truly realize after making the profiles that these girls can never truly be rank as best girls. Cause everyone has their own taste. So this is my final personal rankings of this series. While also my thoughts on each profile that I made.

Number 18 ” Tearju Lunatique”

She was the one that got the first profile. I didn’t really hate her character. But, she is just one that I wish was just not a caring mother and nothing else. Maybe if we got a chapter with her it would be better.

Number 17 “Nana Astar Deviluke”

I don’t know why I defended her so much in her profile. Cause I really saw her character as a flat chested rip off of Yui.

Number 16 “Kirisaki Kyōko”

I want to see more of her character cause her chapters were really enjoyable. She is someone that can have a lot of potential as a character in the future.

Number 15 “Masamune Shizu (Oshizu)”

She is someone that is in the background that is really enjoyable to me. She is funny and a really enjoyable at times. if given some screen time in the manga.

Number 14 “Nemesis”

She is always a fun character to have in the series. While having a great arc in his body. I can say that her future arcs in finding love with Rito might make her one of my favorites in the series.

Number 13 “Kujou Rin”

She was someone that I really underranked on the list. She also was my first realization that making a predetermine list without going in depth with all the characters in the series was not the way to go.

Number 12 ” Mea Kurosaki “

I REALLY love her character design. While also being a girl that I wanted to make a profile on. Cause she is alot like pre-feelings Yami in a sense but, more lewd. She to me is very underrated in the series.

Number 11 “Sephie Michaela Deviluke”

One of my shortest reviews that I wish I said alot more in. But, I want to highlight again that she concurred the most powerful man in the universe(in bed). So that is a feet all on its own. She is so deep that I really want to read do her character one day also.

Number 10 “Tenjoin Saki”

She is to me still the most underrated girl in the series. While having the best laugh. I love her character since her introduction so I just have nothing but, praises for this rich queen.

Number 9 “Mikado Ryouko”

She is one of the most chill in the whole series. Hell if it wasn’t for Risa or Momo I would just give her the crown for the most echhi. Also she is just some fine wine that just gets better with age.

Number 8 “Momioka Risa”

Such a fun girl that I want alot more of in the next series. She is the only one to compete with Momo’s lewdness and is just an overall good time.

Number 7 “Sairenji Haruna”

She is a person that I really didn’t like at first but after a reread more mature me I don’t know how the series would be without her greatness. She is the perfect wife. Need I say more? Also her profile felt the most warm of them all.

Number 6 “Lala Satalin Deviluke”

The girl that I claim as best girl not even in my top 5. Well can’t help who I like more. But, her character is someone that to me is the reason for all of this greatness so I had to pay my dues for her. Also the anime didn’t do my girl justice. Also I feel like that Rito can be the most real with her out of all the girls in the series.

Number 5 “Momo Belia Deviluke”

With Momo I really wanted to focus on her character instead of her “specialty”. Cause we all know how crazy Momo can get in any room alone with Rito. Also this one was one that I believe I did the poorest job for her profile. Maybe because I can’t just put her greatness into words cause she is that good. Also I had so much more to say after completion.

Number 4“Golden Darkness Yami”

She has one of the greatest developmental arcs in the series’s history. Actually fun fact I was rally gonna put her at number 1 at a moment on the list. That is how really changeable the top five were. Also fun fact her profile was the longest of the all the profiles if you wanted to know.

Number 3 “Yuuki Mikan”

My most view post in my blogs history is a loli, and I would not have anyone else represent my channel. Her’s was probalby my most creative cause I knew that their would have been at least one police joke in the comments. So I made it so their would have to be one.

Number 2 “Run Elsie Jewelria”

I fucking love Run and her profile is the one that I had the most fun with. While also having the most views until Mikan stole the show with almost 1300. But, I still love Run from her design to her overall nature. She is my light in this series and one of the main three( NOT TWO) that was in Rito’s mind when first thinking of the harem.

Number 1 “Kotegawa Yui”

She is my queen and to be honest I should have put her number one in the TLRP. She was the profile that I worked the hardest on and was well deserved cause her first day view wise was crazy. I still don’t know why she still hasn’t gotten her confession yet in the series. Cause everyone and their moms know that she is head over heels for him. Except this mother fucker I am about to talk about.


Where do I start with this mother fucker. First of all he is the worst harem protagonist in anime history. He might have the most overpowered hacks ability in the whole universe. But, he doesn’t know how to use it properly. He has women admit his feeling to him but, he doesn’t act on their feelings or gives them a proper response cause he love Haruna. But, he fails in admitting his feelings for Haruna time and time again. He is such a bad character that it hurts. Cause characters in the same universe like Gid and Yuu are leagues above the man that he is. Also I know that Rito is stupid and the whole purpose for the series is his romance. But man why go to school. Fun fact he fails in most of his tests and that never gets resolved in the series. He has no motive to go to school except for women to my knowlege. But, he is a pussy toward them. Even after all the Momo training that this man has he is still a bitch. I just want to conclude that you Yuuki Rito has over 20 of the most beautiful girls in the universe that wants his dick. Looking like 30 after the one shots that came out recently. And you are not man enough to take them all or even just one. Any other person in the world would kill to be in your position and I just want you to do better dude. Cause to be real if you was Issei( Highschool DxD) , Kasuga( Trinity Seven), or my man Araragi (Monogatari Series). This series would have been done long ago.


I also want to shout out to the three main sources for my images. Those being the Harem Gold Book, Venus Art Book, and the reddit use Ocarina_Goku that had all those great pictures on the sites. I want to thank the To LOVE-Ru Wiki that has very good info on all the girls and more. I want to thank all the people on wordpress that followed my blog and gave me inspiration with their. I hope that my blog will one day be one your levels one day.

I want to thank the great To Love Ru reddit with all the support in the sub reddit it was very enjoyable process making this. With the people in the comments and upvoting and down voting my list. Giving interation and just reading my amateur writing. I also want to highlight three users especially on the reddit. Those being the mod FunkyExpress that allowed me to post this crazy project of mines. Along with unblocking some of the profiles from reddit. BlueBunny4412 for commenting and giving insight about all the girls in a dry sub in the beginning. Finally CarterDug, this man is a goat of a writer and someone that I highly respect(despite putting my girl Run so low in his list( a little salt). Making a list side by side of mines help motivate me to not quit on the series. Yall should go through and read all of his comments about the girls. Cause he hold no bars unlike me. So thanks all of these wonderful people and all of the the other users that read the profiles.


This is a great series that I can’t wait for the continuation for To Love Ru with so much more to be explored. I have so much more to talk about this series and I am happy that this is not the end. Hell I might someday very long around the road retouch on this list again.(when I mean long I mean like about a year after the To Love Ru series is finally completed). So once again thanks everyone and ありがとうございました, TO MY MOTHER FUCKING A&M PEOPLE. Dez Out.

A Little Giveaway

I also want to give a gift for all of you that made it this far. So here are some chruchyroll codes.




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