One of the Greatest Double Spreads In One Punch Man [UNFILTERED A&M Talk #8]

I don’t know why but, I have read this chapter too many times that I can’t count. All just to see this one panel that if I show a person that never watch one punch man before. They would be confuse on what is the importance of this blow is. But, I just really wanted to highlight this epic panel and I hope that One Punch Man in the future anime will do justice to a scene like this. Cause this is hilarious, intense, and beautifully drawn.

If some one asked me what One Punch Man was about I would show them this panel cause this represents the whole series. I don’t really know why, out of all of Yusuke Murata this one pis my favorite in the whole series. Cause this has those Gintama vibes that I just realize that Gintama did this is just like the episode 25 of Gintama. Well that is my ramble of this great panel in the series. I just want more people to read this manga and highlight again my favorite panel in the manga. Until next time, ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

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