100 Post Special | My Top 10 Characters for the Moment

Its is crazy that I have posted 100 blog post on this blog already. I have so gone through a lot of changes in this blog already. While also having a lot of things still left to do. So I just wanted to give a little bit of a teaser of my 4 top 50s or maybe even 100s of all anime, manga, waifus, and characters that I will drop in December. So I will give a little bit of that crazy December project that I will try to have yearly. So here are my 10 favorite characters for the moment. I will not include some manga like Berserk cause I have to reread them and have another take on Guts. So sorry Guts fans.

10) Kohei (Grand Blue)

Kohei has just been on another level these last couple chapters of Grand Blue and I know that Shinji (My Profile Pic) was one of my favorite guys in the series and Asuza has been my favorite girl in the series since her introduction. But, Kohei has just became the most relatable to me out of all the characters.

9) Shinobu (Monogatari Franchise)

I just gotten in the Monogatari franchise. But, their was just a certain point in second season where she just became my favorite girl in whole franchise. Mainly cause she reminded me a lot of a certain other girl higher on this list. I can’t wait to start Kizumonogatari out of all the series cause it is her prologue.

8) Kagura (Gintama)

She is my daughter man. Out of all girls in the franchise’s history I would not have any other lovable troll as the female lead to Gintama. She might be an asshole, a killer, a glutton, and just once again a fucking troll. But, I just love her for all of that. But, man I just want to say that she learn her mentality from someone that I can’t put into words.

7) Killua (Hunter X Hunter)

From his introduction to his Retsu reveal. This man is just the literal definition of cool. Then in the election arc out of all of his arc this was my favorite of his. Cause his journey and finding his reason in life is masterfully done in this series. I cannot have anyone better as my character in Hunter X Hunter.

6) Erwin (Attack On Titan)

I have talked about this man time and time again. With this being like the 4th or 5th time mentioning him on this blog. Cause he is just that good of a character. He is a crazy man that you will love when watching Attack on Titan and I will not say more cause everyone should watch this masterpiece.

5) Holo (Spice And Wolf)

She is debatably my favorite girl. While also being one of the most intellectual girl in all of anime. If I could just have a conversation with any anime it would be her. The way she portrays her words and a the way she can just troll on one end and be wholesome and cute on others. She is just that girl and she is always keeping an eye on my blog.

4) Ei Sei (Kingdom Manga)

The greatest king in anime history. The man that will rule the 7 states of China. While just being that guy that will risk his life time and time again for his dream. While believing with all of his heart and soul in Shin. He is just the reason that Kingdom is fighting with Grand Blue as my favorite manga of all time.

3) Zoro (One Piece)

If I have to pick a person is the reason I became an anime fan and especially a One Piece fan. I just saw the green hair and him being a swordsman. I was just like who is this guy. Over 800 episodes and 900 chapters later he is greatness incarnate. So thanks for making me an anime fan Zoro.

2) Araragi (Monogatari Franchise)

I know that it was crazy enough to put Shinobu that high. But the Monogatari Franchise had that much of a impact on me. With the man that I would love to trade places with out of all anime ever would be this man. This man that deserves his own frickin post. That I can’t wait to talk about in full. I can’t wait to complete this franchise and truly learn about his character. He might one day surpass the man that I can’t even describe in words really.

1) Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

I really can’t put into words how amazing this troll is. He is the reason I love Gintama so much. He is the reason I have expanded my love in anime. Just so you know I was just a guy that was only following new series and One Piece at a time. I then watched Gintama and I can’t comprehend how I put this anime on hold for so long. This man is the reason I love comedy anime and manga so much. He is Gintoki and he is still my favorite anime character of all time.


Well that is my preview. Their might be a shock at the end of the year. I wonder if Gintoki will lose his crown. Will More Grand Blue characters hop to the top of my favorite list. Will this blog even make it to December? Find out on the next time on Sae With a K. Until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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