Ougi Oshino Greatness| Owarimonogatari Ep.1 Thoughts

The Monogatari Franchise just continues to impress time and time again. With entering Owarimonogatari, this episode was just another masterpiece of storytelling, art, and direction in this episode. With Ougi being one of my new favorite characters in the whole franchise. By this episode alone.

Ougi Oshino is the niece of Meme and man is she amazing. And I have never seen such an amazing portrayal of an character that I really can not put into words of her greatness. From the way that she made it obvious from the jump that she has feelings to Araragi by straight up writing it on the chalkboard. To the way that she just moved around the classroom like a serpent. Giving this ire and intense feeling through the whole episode. She was in complete control of the show and myself.

I know that she was in scenes in the series before hand and it seem like she had a lot of control even then. But, this episode where she is the lead in. She is in complete control of the whole room and direction of the whole anime. While low key breaking the fourth wall numerous times and speaking to the audience. But, after that episode I can’t wait for this story with Ougi. Cause of the foreshadowing that she is the final boss. To then have the very next episode have a full episode with her as the lead. Where she is in complete control of Araragi and his emotions it was insane.

From the way that she moved. To the advances that she made towards Araragi in this one 48 minute episode. She made even that perv king hesitant out of all people in the world. And this is just the first episode of Owarimonogatari. So I am just hype for her character overall. I forgot to mention that this 90 percent of this first episode was in this classroom and I was completely entertained.

This franchise has one of the greatest writers in the whole industry. Cause the way these characters that are so deep and taken care of narratively it is just insanity. Cause I have know of Ougi since the beginning and with her true introduction to the franchise is already at the level of Shinobu greatness. And its crazy that she is that good of a character that I haven’t even learn all that much about. Cause this whole episode was about Araragi. While we were trying to understand her. She was making us understand Araragi more.


Well, I didn’t really think that this episode was gonna be that crazy and enjoyable. But, man Ougi has became one of my favorite anime characters in the whole Monogatari franchise and Nisio Isin is a once of a generation writer for making this character and all of the characters in this franchise greatness.

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