Kohei & Cakey|Grand Blue Chapter 53 “Filming” Review

Another chapter of that Grand Blue greatness has been given to us about a week ago. Now let us talk about the curious case of Kohei and the worst revenge plan in history by Iori. This chapter had those original feels and some funny moments as always. But, before we get in about it. I want to thanks Crunchyroll for posting this chapter of greatness every month. Now lets talk about this greatness.

Kohei failing at being a TV host

Kohei is just not really made for TV in general. Cause man he does not have any reaction to anything in the series (Unless it’s anime related). It is just funny that the girl is giving all of these insights on the food and Kohei is just like its food. But, to be honest I would do the same thing cause I don’t know how these people be describing the food to that degree.

Compare To Anime

It was kinda funny they ways that they try to get reactions out of Kohei. Epecially when he was asked to compare it to a anime it was just like he can have a whole podcast worth of content for the food.

Bat Soup And Booze

I just wan’t to say that if I saw that in real life. I am straight leaving or throwing up. Cause man that don’t look nutritious at all. But, Kohei saw the boozes and treated it like it was nothing.

Iori’s Vengence

I just want to say that this way of vengeance was not up to the hype of that funal page. But, Iori is a simple man and he had a simple plan. Making the voice changer for his ideal idol. And it for sure gets a reaction out of him for sure.

For Iori’s vengeance he made Kohei just eat some crazy stuff that still didn’t faze him at all. Plus where does he have this alcohol hidden to cause a fire.


With the alcohol their was a fire that was cause. But, Kohei and Iori team up and make quick work of it. Which is really rare to see. Then Iori gets browine points for a minute. But it falls flat as Kohei then goes full drunk mode.

Cakey Notices his Help

Cakey should just stop using her baka baka mentality and still acts as if she don’t like Iori. While getting really close to Kohei in the scene. He acts as if he didn’t know anything. But, we all know how she feels. Also Kohei is hard to decipher when he is serious.


I really can still see this man think 100 different things. First of all Kohei can really try being a good friend to Cakey and just trying to set them up. He also can like Cakey and really is trying to push her away for some reason. Or a crazy theory that my cousin told me about and that he likes Chisa and is trying to push Cakey and Iori together so he can date her. But, me I still can’t tell what this enjoyable character is doing. I really don’t know what he is thinking and makes me really curious. Cause if he loves Cakey which is my prediction. It would make his pushing them together even harder to understand. But, Kohei is already pushing in my top ten characters of all time.


Thanks again for reading my review. This one came a week late due to me working on other projects along with the late release this month. So sorry for those who take time to read these reviews. Well see yall next month and 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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