The 15th Day Begins |Kingdom Manga 601, 602, 603 Mini Reviews

I have been procrastinating on the Kingdom reviews. But, I haven’t stop enjoying this masterpiece of a manga. So here are my general thoughts on the past three chapters of that Kingdom greatness. But, before I review I want to thank the great Sense Scans & Turnip Farmers for translating this masterpiece of a manga when a certain manga company called *** still does not give us our greatness that we deserve in English. So now on to the review.

601: Day Of Climax

This chapter was generally the view of all the other battlefield and the land of Qin before the final battle. With the return of Ei Sei having full faith in Shin winning this war. Patiently waiting to give Shin his awards after this great war. We get Yotanwa and Heki in their battlefield. Along with Kanki just smiling like the crazy man that he is.

We also get MoTen and his reaction to his Graps demise. I highly respect him to keep his composure and being a great general keeping his cool even after the ambush. But, I can feel his pain and just wanting to go into battle.

We then get a view of both battlefields before the clash. While getting some Shin and Kyoukai moments that are always my highlight. Then we head to battle.

602: Riboku’s Formation

It is full on war with the Hi Shin Unit going all out to end this. His army plans to rip through the Zhou’s left wing. But, Ousen avandes his arm before the Qin right wing can even break through Zhou’s left. But, Riboku has the ultimate defesive formation. One that is very unordoxth and works efficently. But, he gets news about Gyou and take the offensive.

These two generals are on another level of intellect. But about Kaiki you clever man you. Setting the ultimate victory.

603: The Change On Day Fitheen

Zhou’s side is caught off gaurd by the change of formation. But why everyone wondered? Gyou was just discovered to be out of food, due to an a fire caused by Kaiki’s men. Thus the effect of that giving the land of Gyuo only half a day left till it belongs to Qin. Everyone is down on the Zhou side. But, Riboku will not give up. He makes the statement that he will deafet Qin’s army here and today. So afterwards they can retake Gyou before it is to late. Thus meaning that both sides will fight like their is no tomorrow this 15th day.

As for the Qin right wing. Someone has came for Shin and Ouhon’s head. Which is gonna be an epic battle for Ouhon and not Shin. Cause I truly believe that this arc will be the arc where Shin surpasses Hoken and acheive the highest praise of them all.


There is still a lot to go in this war. But, the end is near. I just wonder what will happen to Zhou when and if they lose. Cause I am really curious what will happen to Riboku after this war if he lives. But, once again thanks to the Sense Scans & Turnip Farmers for translating this masterpiece of a manga. 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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