Food Wars How Far You Have Fallen | Food Wars Final Chapter 315 Rant and Spoilers

Wasted Potential…

If I could put this whole final arcs of Food Wars in to two words it would be wasted potential. Cause when Shokugeki No Soma got its first anime. I watched it for its over the top nature of fanservice. To get sucked into the narrative of the cooking and the competition of the Shokugeki. I love the characters and seeing this as one of the best new series on Jump. Actually I saw this as Jump’s second best series behind One Piece and above My Hero at the time. I even continue to love the series past the central arc and even further beyond. But, man why, did you have leave your roots and become this pile of garbage.

I have about 10 things that to me made this show horrible to me, that being the wasted characters, the time skip after finding out what happen during it, the skipping of the shokugeki during the blue arc, the antagonist, the rush of the series, the final arc in general, the reason for the 92nd generation, and the three characters of Megumi, Soma, and Erina. So if you want to leave you can, cause really this will be me curing, ranting, and speaking nonsense about a series that I one time tough would be up their in my top 5 manga of all time.


Amazing characters like Hyama the man that gave Soma his first real defeat and the Spice King. He was just put in the background after he lost to Soma in the Central arc. He was suppose to be at the same level of Erina and just pushed aside for nothing. Alice has not had a real battle since the moon banquet festival. If you even count that cause we didn’t even see her shokugeki after her battles with Soma. Ryo the man that was hyped up to be equals with Soma and at the top of the 92nd Class. Just got off screen in the central arc and was treated as a background character like everyone else. This man was the king of seafood and we will never get a rematch with Megumi and that is just some bull shit.

Mito was a girl that was developing her own style of cooking and was really growing as a character. Just thrown into the background as part of the cheer team with Polar Star. On wait I forgot the WHOLE FUCKING HOUSE OF POLAR STAR WAS JUST TREATED AS IF IT WAS NOTHING AFTER THE ELITE TEN TOOK OVER. The whole group had it moments in the beginning of the series. Bringing the house back to its greatness but, man seriously they had so much still to develop with them being there own amazing chefs in there own right. But after a certain point only Soma, Megumi, and Isshiki were really important to the story in that house. The younger Aldini brother was also fodder and the older one was actually a solid character that I was pissed when he was just one shot by Erina.

The original elite ten was just none existent after the central arc. They all could have had their own storylines similar to the festival vs the 8th seat. Also about Isshiki. He should have been the number 1 seat instead of Soma. Cause he was the senior and to me he was a very underrated chef in the show. That we only got to see so little of which really pissed me off also. But, the overall their are just so many character that they could have fleshed out. But they didn’t an that is the main reason that I just could take it seriously no more after the announcement of the end. Cause I really thought that they could recover from this but, by having an arc away from Soma and Erina and focus on the side character. But, nope we get a very somber ending.

The Time Skip

I didn’t mind the time skip in the beginning. While also thinking that series did not need a time skip in general. But, what really made me upset. Is when they said that Soma and Aldini had their epic rematch for his knife. BUT YOU FUCKING OFFSCREEN THAT. Then just saying that Hyama, Alice, and Ryou had all of their battles back and forth. But, we never got to see all of these battles that these guys were having it during those four months. All the rematches that these guy were having for big steaks. We never got to see them learn their new techniques. We never got to see how the 8th and 9th seat got his position back. Or the 8th seat redemption arc you could have had a story on how he regain his seat and later became friends with Soma. Their was just an overall poor display of skipping all of the good chunk of the series. In the beginning it was good but the end of it was just horrible.

Skipping Shokugeki

What happen to the food war in fucking food wars. Cause their were time that you just straight up skipped some of the battles straight up and just have foodgasms. Like its as if you were in a rush to just get to the main portion of it. I heard that the reason for some of it was cause of the supermodel / chef of the series was sick or something like that. So they couldn’t think of using a cookbook or another person to make them. Cause it was just horrible just skipping on some of the food. But, then afterward it didn’t even feel like the food portion was even cared about compared to the foodgasms.

The Three Poor Antagonist

I like Erina’s pops as an antagonist in the beginning but, the reveal in the end just made his character pointless. The reason for him to be in the final arc was pointless. We never got to see him have a Shokugeki with Soma or his dad. While also, his defeat was just overall poor. I liked him as a principal and an antagonist to put against team Soma. But, man he was just anther wasted potential that was defeated way too quickly. Cause he could have still been the principal but lessen the evil a little bit.

The mom of Erina was so horrible that I really can just say that she would have been better dead and in flashbacks. I can not really say more than just that. Also where was she the whole season along with her being at the top of the committee. Cause I feel as if she was suppose to be dead and a lot nicer but, the writers had to put some shock in the series.

Why did you have to introduce an this brother that was not fleshed out at all. One that was suppose to be better than Soma’s father, the best chef in the whole series supposivly. Why was his brother collecting tools like he is Thanos collecting stones. He was utter garbage of a character that just wanted to fuck Erina and nothing more. What was the reason for his whole character. Cause I have a friend that had the perfect theory that the three creators and the editor got drunk after central arc was complete. Thinking of the next arc and just said “Evil brother and tournament arc”. Making this horrible ending. Hell he might be right.

So these antagonist didn’t need to be in the story. Cause it was a really a competition between all the chefs themselves. As they all developed and became greater. Cause really you could have made about 5 or 6 more arcs about the whole elite ten leading up to the former 1st seat. But, then you just made him fodder to the brother.

Rushed Ending

I fucking hate it when my favorite series of all time just get the kick and rush ending that it doesn’t deserve. Cause the same thing happen to Bleach, but even thought that Kubo was rushed and was fatigue he didn’t fuck up his ending as bad as Food Wars. At least he made a enjoyable final arc of the series enjoyable as we saw our favorite characters just go crazy. But, to me I feel as if this series had the chance to be one of the best mangas of all of time. But, with that degrace of a arc. I will never see it the same again.

The Final Arc

What was the Blue arc? Why were there gay shakers mixing shit? What was the purpose of bringing Megumi and Aldini their if their soul purpose was to be fodderized by Erina and the brother? Why was the brother just collecting all of the chief tools as if they were so rare? Why did everyone in this series just lose a bunch of brain cells? What happen to Erina? What was the reason for introducing the whole dark chefs? What was with all of their designs? What was the purpose of showing all of Soma’s shokugeki’s if they were all gonna end the same? WHAT THE FUCK AM I READING ANY MORE!!!!!!!! What they hell happen?

I have so many questions and shit to say but, I really don’t want to touch on the arc in general cause it was just utter shit and I could not take it seriously anymore. It was just trash and Jump saw it was trash and axe the whole series because of it. Cause man this was just garbage and had no reason being here in the first place.

Also The Black Zetsu / Aizen “I Planned Everything” plot twist

So you really had to pull that bullshit that the whole reason that the whole class the Soma was in was because of the original principal. Or no the stop Erina from her despair from the god’s tongue. I wonder if he didn’t think of that before the two trash parent lead to her her personality today. I am just saying cause she was good before hand but, I am just done at this point.


What the fuck happen to your whole development arc. What was the whole point of going to through that whole arc against your father. Seriously cause the ways you just 180 like that was some bullshit. Then just turn back after eating his food for a third time and liking it and still wont FUCKING SAY THAT IT WAS GOOD. I didn’t like you since the beginning. You don’t deserve Soma but, you will get him cause of plot. You’re a bitch, and not even a tsundere anymore, just a bitch. Sorry Erina fans but, your character is just horrible and really unnecessary in the whole story.


Meguim my dear sweet Meguim. What have you done with my favorite girl in the series. You use her as a punching bag to the very fucking end. Never giving her her proper victory at all. Never fleshing out her character. Putting her to the 10th seat with disrespect. Making her not only a underdog but one that never wins. She didn’t deserve any of this and she won’t be with the man that she loves after this. AND IF SHE IS WITH ALDINI IN THE EPILOGUE I WILL BE STRAIGHT FUCKING HEATED. I love Aldini and all but, we never got a single moment with their characters and I saw one chapter of how she looked at him. I will straight up want to burn my 30 volume of Food wars. But, I am not stupid like the people who burn jerseys. I am just mad that I wasted money and time on this story.


I got to commend Soma cause he still stayed to his beliefs and trying to make the most creative and best dishes that he can and finally created his own. I love that your mother was a horrible cook and you and your father make those horrible foods in her honor. I just wish you had a tougher road in the series. Cause to be honest when ever you were given steaks that were in anyway high. You were just given the dub and even when you did lose. The steaks were really not put out there for you disadvantage at all. Really the only real loses that you had that had steaks was to Hyama in the first tournament arc. So I still love Soma as a character and I just wished that he loss more.


Their is so much more that this series did so wrong I can be here forever. But, man it just sucks that another one of my favorite series were destroyed by a terrible finish. Cause when I read the final chapter and saw that was it. I was so mad that I just straight up wrote a essay after reading that chapter. I also know that they will have a epilogue in jump Giga and I will read that. But, that is the epilogue. So the events of them graduating and working in the real world as chefs will never happen. We will never get the shippuden or Z of Food Wars. The potential of the whole cast is in the fucking trash. The whole reason I love food wars was the growth of the whole 92nd Class and the other chefs in the series. But, no the class was just toss aside for the recuse the fucking princess arc. Which was just utter garbage to me. I need to stop cause I might be here forever. Thanks for reading this rant cause this series went from a greatness to a pile of shit real quick.

5 thoughts on “Food Wars How Far You Have Fallen | Food Wars Final Chapter 315 Rant and Spoilers

  1. Wait I finally got into food wars and your telling me it doesn’t get a proper ending wtf I never liked Erina to begin with just for the way she looked down on others because of some stupid God tongue I actually enjoyed the other female characters more like Megumi and Ikumi. And after reading this article I don’t know if I can finish this anymore, I just can’t believe they Did characters like Ryo and Alice dirty not to mention how they didn’t even show them grow up and become chefs and crap. Man anime endings lately have been so rushed or flat leave the audience confused at the end I hope to God they don’t do this to My Hero or other anime shows I’ve been watching because this is just sad.

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    1. I feel you on that, as I just wished that the company of Jump would treat their series better. As this series was one that I held close to my heart and even had it as my second favorite manga on Jump at a time. But they had to come up with a bad idea for the next arc that the manga got axed. I wish that they had time to come up with a better arc afterwards. But, they wrote themselves into a corner. So it is just another series that is added to the wasted potential category.


    1. Yeah it was one of those series that I had so much love for but, it the mangakas couldn’t find a proper story after the arc with Erina’s dad.


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