Random Anime: A B C

I just wanted to start another random thing on this blog and that is just recommending random must see anime. But, in alphabetical order. It just an idea I had that can really test my anime knowledge. So the three I will talk about this blog will be Attack On Titan, Bakemonogatari, and Cells At Work.

Attack On Titan

Why not start with a modern classic in Attack on Titan. This is a great series that is way to over hyped in the first season. While being way to underrated in the season right now. Every episode that comes out keeps tempting me to read the manga. So for all of you still putting this show on the fence. Just go watch it cause every season gets better and better. The characters are amazing and the soundtrack is on another level. This series has made me cry on multiple occasions while also feeling pumped as hell in others. This series is a masterpiece and one that I am proud to say is in my top 5 series of all time.


This is a series that I heard the praise and finally sat down and watched. I was just like man, an is this season a wonderful start to this near masterpiece. Yes this season to me is a near masterpiece, cause it is hard to get into at first. But, after the first arc. This anime just goes on a whole other level of greatness. Just know that this anime is worth the watch. I will admit that the first episode was tough. But, man it is one hell of a ride once you get into it. But, this series has some of the greatest characters of all time. A well developed story will having lessons, epic foreshadowing, and just masterpiece placement of fan service.

Cells at Work

This is educational and worth the watch. This series is just a fun anime version of the cells in your body. Treating them as fun people that care and protect your body. This is just a chill anime to watch that was a really joy for me. So I highly recommend it. Also I ship white blood cell and red blood cell.


Thanks for reading this very odd post. Cause I just wanted to talk about some amazing series that I never really talk about. Plus it is a test of my anime logic. Once again, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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