Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? II | Anime Coming Summer 2019 #2

Time to talk about another series that I am watching this summer and one that is making it’s return after the 4 year hiatus. The Isekai that is not a isekai the lovable cast of Danmachi. This series was a hit in the year it came out. With the best quote of Hestia is Bestia. While having the concept of not being one and being a fun adventure series. Hestia is still best girl, Bell has a lot of room to grow. The series is just fun and I can’t wait to watch it.

This is a series if you like fun adventurous series. It has the same concept as sword art online season one. But, it is done right. As Bell and friends travel through the dungeon and beat monsters for profit. It is a series that I can say has one of the best girls in anime history in Hestia. Along with her is the guild that is slowly building day by day. This is just an overall fun story that I can’t wait to watch it. When it comes out July 12th.

Also one thing that I am also interseted in is the battles that Bell gets in this season. Wondering if he will ever be at the level of Aiz. But, overall this is gonna be a crazy series of fan service, action, and great animation by JC Staff……(still salty about One Punch Man. I just wish that they put together a better staff). Peace my A&M People.

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