Katanagatari Episode 1,2,3,4,5 Thoughts | The Most Underrated Anime In History?

This is the love child of Spice and Wolf, Dororo, and the Monogatari franchise. As I am 5 episodes in this anime and to me is already a classic. As the creator of the Monogatari franchise Nisio Isin is just flexing in this series with the storytelling. If you don’t know the premise of this show is that a girl and a boy from two very different worlds uniting to go on a journey to find the 12 swords. This is a series with a epic premise and the characters are just amazing.

The more you get in the series you learn about the chemistery that is developed between the two as they collect the swords. You learn that they are the perfect complment to one another and that these two have a past that they keep iluding to but past over quickly. So I can’t wait to learn more about it. Along with them you get to learn the story of the owners of each swordman that they face. Making them feel more human and blurrying everything into grey.

Now to before we enter into spoiler territory. I just want to say that you should watch this anime as it is a very amazing series with great characters. Deep stories that make you sadden. Along with great animation style that is very unique. Also the whole series is only 12 one hour shows of a complete story. It is one that was to be watched is monthly. But, I sticked to daily instead of my normal binge. But, this is a must watch, very underrated series that I cannot really put into words of its story.

Episode 1

This was a great introduction into the series. I learn to love the characters along with that I saw some epic fights and great world building. It was just funny coming to a island to have whoever was the head to fall in love with her. But, watch was more crazy was that Shichika instantly fell for her. Despite not really having any sexual feeling towards her. Along with the that he just left his OLDER sister on the island alone. To go with a random girl that he met that same day to travel the world with her. Also Togome is funny as hell and the ninja was just crazy. Also the was that Shichika is just loss on how the ninja carries one of the swords down his mouth is hilarious.

Episode 2 & 3

I loved both the antagonist in this series. As they really were just trying to protect something their selves at the end of the day. But, overall these episode lead towards more development between Togame and Shichika. Also the respect that Shichika gives both of these swordsmen and women are impeccable. Cause they both did not hold back in those battles.

Episode 4

I did not expect buy the end of this episode that Nanami would be one of my favorite characters in ANIME HISTORY. (Yes I just said that) as I believe that she is one of if not the most overpowered character in fiction. Cause she can literally look at your technique and master it in an instance. She also has a great knowledge in battle to the point that her father would not teach her cause she was too deadly. She was suppose to die during childhood and still live on. She is the and may be after this season one of my favorite character in anime history. One that after the season she will get a post about her greatness. Also she is a petite milf (Shoutout to Gigguk). As she is older that 19.

Episode 5

This episode to me was one of the biggest steps for Togame and Shichika’s relationship and Shichika never really saw Togome in a sexual or any other light. As he does when a man with one of the sword challenged them for Togame. This was irritation Shichika a lot and made him confused if he should win the battle or just lose cause the swordsmen would be better for her. Until she shouted and made him realize and say that “Togame is my women” after he destroy the swords men. This was just a amazing episode that I finally caved a wrote about it.


Now I can’t wait to watch more with this series as their are swordsmen and ninja dying left and right. The relationship of the two mains are developing into something greater. And finally the OLDER sister is someone that I need to see more of.

Man, I recently took a break from Monogatari cause I was just didn’t want to overload on such a amazing series. Since, in recent past I would just binge through one series and to then be left with a empty feeling inside. That is what happen with Gintama, Hunter X Hunter, Attack on Titan, and others. But, this one I am really glad that I picked up. Cause this is a very not talked about underrated show.

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