Random Anime: D E F

Alright time to go through another group of random anime. As we go from the letters D, E, and F. Talking about Devilman Crybaby, Ero….. Eromanga Sensei, and FairyTail. Now time to talk about some random anime that I have at least seen one episode on.

Devilman Crybaby

This was the hit show on Netflix in it’s debut. As Devilman is a story that is very rated M for mature. As the there is a lot of blood and guts, a lot of foul language, and a lot of sex. This story follows a crybaby high schooler as he goes to a night club and becomes Devilman. Also don’t watch this in the living room when your parents are in the house with your volume near max. True story from a friend that I recommend the series.

Eromanga Sensei

I really could not think of a E for this one. Until I saw a police chase and it came to mind instantly. This is a show that is very popular. While also being the worse and younger version of Oreimo. I would watch this anime for the memes and to put you in jail if you feel like it. But, it is a masterpiece said by Gigguk so it has to be good.

Fairy Tail

For all of the Fairy Tail haters they can’t deny that the series has some of the most fun characters in anime history. While having a guild that makes you feel as if you are part of it. This might have its inconstancy but, it is a classic above all. I love this series and read the manga weekly to the end. While the final season of this anime is just a fun watch overall. But, if your still not convinced then just turn off your brain and have fun. (Also side note Gajeel and Levy is one of the best couples in fiction.)


I don’t know if you guys notice. But, this is my first month blogging daily. And I just want to say that the people that do blog daily all the power goes to you. Cause I am struggling had to make these final nine post while watching all of my anime and manga. But, I plan to complete this to the end. Peace.

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