Thank You Gintama

Warning this is spoilers and a lot of crying. (Even though you can’t see me crying)

Thank You Gintama,

You were a series that I picked up cause of the comedy. But I never thought that this series would have such a impact on my life. Teaching me lessons every episode and making me the weeb that I am today. Not really afraid to hide it. Cause this story that I watched for the memes and a good time became one of my favorite series of deep characters and lessons. This was a series that I loved every episode and can’t wait to rewatch. It inspired me to make this blog (even I never really put out that much Gintama content beforehand). But, it finally came to a end today. A true ending that Sorachi put his soul into and one that I will say is perfect.

Final Panel

You know, what is funny though, I never really cried to anything that much stuff in my life. Like the only thing that I did to prior was probably the I want to live speech in One Piece. But, I was more hype and not really crying like a kid. But, when I saw the Shogun get stab and fell. I was in utter disbelief denying it was real. Thinking that he was okay. I just refused to believe that he was killed. But, then after seeing the funeral of him. I really cried like their was no tomorrow. I never really cried that much in my life too cause it was just unreal. That was probably the day that I decide that nothing will be above this anime ever in history. I still miss the Shogun to this day. This man is someone that I really can’t put into words of how great of a man and funny of a person he is. So thank you, Shogun. Also thank you Sorachi for giving me the shogun assassination arc, and the farewell shinsengumi arc. Cause those are masterpieces of arc and nothing really comes close to it. Ones that I will never forget and will always be the definition of greatness.

Also I just want to thank just few characters for being themselves and just being great. I really tried to condense this to ten but it became out of control and I lost count of the thank you. So it is gonna be a long one for this.

Thank you Zura, for being the craziest and most insane person in this whole series. You are the definition of utter insanity but, you keep it real 100 percent of the time. You are someone that when serious can be the most savage killer in the series. You are and always will be one of my favorite characters in anime. One that will always put a smile on my face for all of the stupid shit that you did this series along with Elizabeth that is also a amazing troll and had the greatest troll in the whole series.

Thank you Otae, you might not have the best food in the world. (Seriously like you need to get trained by Gordon Ramsey for 20 years and you might be able to boil some eggs). You might beat the living hell out of Kando. While being a near crazy most of the time. I still love your character all the more. You are one of the funniest and deepest characters in this series.

Thank you Sacchan, you are ninja that in comedy arc I like. While in serious arc I am in love with you. You are someone that I hope Gintoki takes one day when he is drunk. Cause you deserve it the most out of all the girls in the series. You are a will always be my favorite stalker in anime.

Thank you Tsukoyo, you are someone that I fell in love with upon first glance. Someone that developed into the tsundere in the series. But, someone that perfected it to a tee. One day I hope that you get drunk again and take Gintoki by force again. Cause you too are perfect for one another and I hope the best for you. As you had some of the most funny arcs with Gitoki in this series.

Thank you Jirochou, in the four devas arc you were one of my favorites in the series. With you and Gintoki fighting like demons and then joining forces. While giving it one of the greatest conclusions to a arc. To then become a very caring father to Pirako . I just love your character as one my favorite misunderstood people in fiction.

Thank you Tama for bringing me joy and also making me cry when you were ready to give your life for the land of Edo. You where a character that was in the background as a simple robot. But, soon enough you became one of the most human characters in this story.

Thank you Kamui, for being one of my favorite antagonist of all time. I hope that one day that you and your sister can have a normal conversation and not kill one another. But, that might just be family love. So just stay the same. Also you are just a troll when I comes to the things that you say and your amazing for that.

Thank you Nobume, for being one of my favorite females in anime history. One that I would never mess with in person cause I would probably die knowing you. But, you are a person that is a enjoyable person and a very comedic character in this franchise.

Thank you Shinsengumi for giving me the funny arcs of the police. For being their when Gintoki needed you most. Thank you for being a force that fought for good and would not listen to the corrupt government. But, thank you for the three top men of this amazing organization

First of Sougo the man that is a sadist to the very end. Fucking burying tochi in his grave. One that has times of being amazing, funny, and a troll also. To other times being sincere, savage, and ruthless. This man gave me one of the greatest arcs in fiction with him and his sister. That arc will ALWAYS be edge in my mind.

Now on to Toshi, this man is the vice of the Shinsengumi. One that I loves mayo and his cigars. While also being the man that rivals Gintoki all the time. This man is a angry bad cop dad and someone that I would not have it any other way. This man is someone that bosses people around for the benefit of the team. He is someone that is also very deep. Leaving me a broken heart when he loss the love of his life to illness. Also never giving up to live on his leader’s will.

Thank you to the leader of the Shinsengumi, mother fucking Kondo. This man is someone that is a pervert, a Gorilla, also a professional stalker of Otae and seriously would go to jail if he wasn’t the head of the police. But, for this man to bring the whole Shinsengumi together from nothing into what it is today. I have to commend him cause he brought all of these personalities together under one banner. While also having Sougo wanting to kill Tochi, so he can serve only him and no one else in this world. I love this man for what his represents. While always having a smile on his face.

Time to thank my favorite tro in all of anime. The trolls, the deep characters, the people that own about a billion in rent. The group that touched so many people in the show and out. The mother fucking Yorozuya

Thank you Shinpachi, I still am lost on your character sometimes. Cause you are a troll sometimes. While also being the straight man. But, it is just hilarious and really made this story enjoyable. You are someone that I really can relate to with the To Love Ru volumes hidden in your room and the crazy family you have. You were always the underdog and some everyone underrates. But, you are a g my guy.

Thank you Kagura, you are my fucking daugther. Someone that is a troll that I love. Someone that despite losing your mother. While also losing you brother to hated. You continent to live on. You did cure your brother and made him a better person. You are someone that can bring the good out of every person. Someone that is just lovable and you are one of the greatest trolls in anime history. While being the one of my favorite characters of all time. I know that in the future that you will always be the same no matter what. So just keep eating.

Thank you Gintoki, you are a man that despite his past, despite all the hardship, loss, suffering, and pain that you have gone through you continue to live on another day. Always with something to protect. You are the creator of odd jobs, a group of misfits that never pay rent. You are a gambler that never pays his debt. Your also a asshole sometimes. I also know that if you read that you would probably break the fourth wall as you always did and punch me. But, you are my favorite character in anime history. No one can take that and no one will ever touch that. Cause you are fucking Sakata Gintoki. The man that inspired me to have a silver soul and one day live up to your legacy as you did to your sensei Shoyo.

You just had to make me cry like a bitch this chapter man. Showing your sensei what you have done to carry his will. Showing him all that you have created. All the lives that you and odd jobs created. I was never so sad than seeing Shoyo happy that you continue to live up to his legacy to this day. You are just amazing Gintoki. I really can’t put you into words and I am crying again. *Break*

You have impacted me so much Gitoki. Being a man that is a great remodel while also being the worst. so once again thank you.

Alright side note I can really be here all day with this. Cause this story has so many great characters that I really can be here all day just thanking them for being themselves. But, this is a story that I will say right now has the greatest and fleshed out character in anime history and no one come close. The stories that are told in this series and the interaction that they have in series is insane.

Finally thank you Sorachi, for the stories that you have created to the group of characters that you have created. To the master mangaka with the way that you mixed impact moments and comedy to its finest. This is the only anime to make me laugh in cry in the same episode. Thank you for all of your hard work and for giving this series a proper and amazing conclusion. This is the greatest work in fiction and really I can’t put anything close to it. I hope that you take all the time off that you need Hideaki Sorachi, and thank you for this masterpiece called Gintama.

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