Random Anime: G H

Alright time to talk about two very different series. One that is a masterpiece that has been recently completed. While the other is one that had potential to be the greatest harem. But, due to tragic events of the mangaka. It will never be completed. So let’s talk about two great series in Gintama, and the fan service classic in High School of the Dead.


I just want to say that this anime is the king of all anime. This is my favorite of all time. While having the greatest cast of characters in fiction. This anime is always hard to describe to those who never watched it. So I will say that this show starts as a comedy as Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi are a trio of odd job workers. They do a multitude of jobs during the series. Some are as simple as finding a cat. While others are jobs are life changing and dangerous as saving a city. They do some of these jobs for money, but they do the special ones for free. Now that is the most technical way to describe this series. But I didn’t even touch on the fourth wall shattering, the parodies, and the pure comedy that this shows goes through. While also having the serious and deep moments that make you love these characters in this series. I just want to say that this is a series that might be a slow burn at first. But, once you start to understand the characters. You begin to love these characters more and more. This story is also probably the only series to make me laugh and cry in the same episode cause Sorachi is a master at mixing comedic elements and serious heartfelt moments. So I with the highest of praise recommend my favorite anime.

HighSchool Of The Dead

This is a series that knows that it is a ecchi. But, unlike other ecchis this one does not try to hide its identity. This is a world of zombies. As a group of students and a busty nurse try to survive the zombie apocalypses. This is a anime that did the manga more than justice. As the animation and the direction in this series is done beautifully. This is a echhi, but it is a amazing story. But, the one downside to it is that it will never get complete.


These post are getting really fun to write. But, picking a anime for each spot is getting difficult. As H was one of the hardest ones to pick. But, I choose HOTD as I had the honorable mentions of Highschool DxD and Hunter Hunter. Thanks for reading and I hope you found something to watch. So until next time piece.

6 thoughts on “Random Anime: G H

  1. I need to watch Gintama, but I do love Highschool of the Dead. Why else would I dedicate the whole of last December to talking about?!? It’s still the one series I want another season to above all else. Love those characters.

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    1. I highly recommend Gintama for any anime fan. It is a masterpiece with a good ending and is really rare to say.
      Also I need to read your month on Highschool of the Dead month. Cause it is a classic that I love also cause of the characters.

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