Vinland Saga | Anime Coming Summer 2019 #3

Time to talk about the series that will be the best anime in summer 2019. While also being a contender for anime of the year. Cause it is adapting a manga that is hailed to one of the greatest of all time. Along with the animation studio of Wit that created the amazing series of Attack on Titan. So I will be looking foward for this anime that will produce the whole ********. (spoiler). So I can’t wait to watch this amazing series finally animated.

This is a revenge story. With the main character Thorfinn is a viking on a path of vengeance for his father. This story goes through the story of vikings. It has a similar feel of the Berserk manga. So there is a lot of violence, nudity, and foul language in this series. So kinda NSFW territory here. So I just want to say get ready to go through the emotion unicorn for this one. But, one thing you got to know for sure that this series is a near master piece.

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