SUMMER MANGA HAUL|17 Volumes|Sustain The Industry

It is the summer time. Meaning time to stay in my room and read manga all day and night. Yeah! Joking(not really), but it is time to talk about this haul that I have collected so far in the summer time. As I mainly have a lot of Viz this month and some light novels. But, its time to talk about what I got out of the 17 I collected.

One Punch Man By. One & Yusuke Murata (Volumes 5 to 12)

On the topic of One Punch Man season two. It was not the best thing to change the studios and all. But, the new anime did make me finally repick up the manga. And to that I have to thank the anime for doing that. Cause Murata’s art in this manga is top 3 all time. I never realized how amazing the artwork of this manga was until I pick this manga up again. I will say this now, and say that this manga is a masterpiece. One knows what he is doing in this story. Along with having a great cast that I love. I highly recommend this masterpiece to be added to your collection cause each page is a piece of art along with a classic story of a hero for fun.

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl By. Fumita Yanagida (Volume 3)

This 4 Koma manga is a OG that I am happy that it was release in English. Cause this is so funny of a story and one close to my heart that I hope that it never ends. The story about a tomboy trying to prove that a she is women material to her oblivious crush. But, really this is just a fun overall series with a funny and enjoyable cast of characters.

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War By. Aka Akasaka (Volume 8)

When the anime came out I was in love in the first episode. When the second episode came out I claimed it as my favorite of the season. When the Chika dance came out I purchase every volume that was out. So I REALLY like this series if you couldn’t tell. It is a classic that I am taking my time reading hoping that season 2 will come out soon. Cause this war is a fun time.

Dr. Stone By. Riichiro Inagaki & Boichi (Volume 5)

With the first episode coming around the corner. I see this series making waves when it first comes out. Similar to how the Promise Neverland came out, as the concept of this anime is amazing a worth the watch. Along with me being happy that Boichi finally can get his art animated.

Gintama By. Hideaki Sorachi (Volume 18)

This is a masterpiece and I really can’t say anything else about it. But, just go FUCKING watch the anime and go have fun with this amazing story cause I just read the the final chapter of this and I will say this right now. It is a rare masterpiece with a perfect ending that made me laugh and cry in the same chapter. As this is one of the greatest works of fiction. It am just pissed that the collection of this manga will end soon due to the people not giving volumes past the 23rd I believe. But, go watch or read it cause it is a masterpiece from beginning to end.

Slam Dunk By. Takehiko Inoue (Volume 30)

Recollecting one of my favorite mangas of all time is always fun. Especially when I am crazy to do it backwards. As one of my favorite mangakas in history best works this is a classic about basketball. Need I say more.

Happiness By. Shūzō Oshimi (Volume 4)

One of the most underrated mangakas in my opinion. Shuzo Oshimi is a very creative storyteller as he make this manga about vampires and shows the world of it. I just love how real some of his volumes feel to me and how they can be real when you think about it as he really focuses on the human mind in his works.

Re: Zero (LN) By. Tappei Nagatsuki (Volume 1)

I started to pick up more light novels to add to my collection as this one was just a must have to my collection also. I can’t wait to read this in preparation for season 2 coming out soon.

Konosuba (LN) By. Natsume Akatsuki (Volume 1)

The other light novel that I added is one of the funniest and lovable cast of characters in fiction as this series is just one that I cannot really put into words. But, I will say one thing that this has some of the most lovable characters in anime history. As they can make any situation fun no matter how bad.

Grand Blue By. Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka (Volume 6)

GRAND BLUE GREATNESS. As my favorite manga in my collection and all time. I just have to say from the comedy in this series. From the non-stop drinking to the diving that they occasionally do. This has one of my favorite groups in manga. This was also a series that I read in a bad time in my life. But, this series motivated me along with being one of the factors to pushed me to make this blog. Cause when I first read it it was not talked about as much. It still is not as talk about to this day as it deserves. But, I say that this is greatness and it will soon be recognized one day as it deserved.


Thanks for reading this. Cause manga hauls is a staple in this blog that I really needed to do. Cause one thing I do for sure is collect manga as in January I had about 200 volumes more or less. But, man my bookcase has grow way more over the past six months. Along with my wallet getting smaller for some reason. But, man thank you for taking time out of your day for reading this and I hope that your having a okay day. So if you want to talk about manga above and some other series you can follow me at SakeDez on twitter. Along with following this blog to get more A&M (anime and manga) content. So once again, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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