2019 Spring SAKE Award

Alright time for the second award show on this blog as we go through the most credit less and bias award show on the planet. So lets talk about the best of the best when it came to anime during the spring. So let’s get on with the award show.

Best ED

Runner Up:

Attack On Titan S3 Part 2 ED1

Attack On Titan ED was on that really grew in me during the whole season. As it hit really good in moments while being a ED that I didn’t skip once this season.


Fruit Basket ED1

I might be behind in this series at the moment but, one thing that hooked me in this show was the ED. Which was the best hands down this season. As I replayed this ED so many times with its chill tone.

Honorable Mention:

Demon Slayer ED1 was one that was just really enjoyed this season also as it was a great addition to this soundtrack.

Best OP

Runner Up:

Attack On Titan S3 Part 2

This OP was a combination of all the amazing OPs and soundtracks in Attack On Titan as it was just one that I replayed over and over again. As it had the hype beat that I was just the best one that the series has done yet.


Demon Slayer

From the visuals to the sound track. This one was the OP of the year to me cause the vibe made me just love this anime even more. If you haven’t seen it (even though majority of people have go and watch it cause it is a contender of OP of the year.

Honorable Mention:

Carole & Tuesday is a anime that I have not watched due to Netflix and me trying to pirate less. But, I did watch the OP and I love it. While One Punch Man Season 2 is a anime that I dropped I will say that the music of the opening

Animations & Direction

Runner Up:

Demon Slayer

The studio did an amazing job with this anime and has a ton of amazing visuals in this series. I love the animation from top to bottom. But it is not the best this season.


Attack On Titan S3 Part 2

This season was so good that I just had to give it the award for both the animation and direction of this series to Wit. Cause the hit home with this series ten fold. As this was just a masterpiece of a series in this season.

Supporting Character

Runner Up:

Erwin Smith of Attack On Titan S3 Part 2

Spoiler alert this man has won a award towards the bottom. So I will say what I say their. As this man could have won this award also but, I just felt like Metal Bat deserved some love.


Metal Bat of One Punch Man Season 2

This man made me binge read the whole manga and drop the anime cause his character is that good. Cause of his morales and him being the a thug with a pure heart he is a instance amazing character in my book.

Silver Soul Award


Bodo Stray Dogs

I give this award to a very underrated series that I didn’t watch this season cause of previous seasons or not including it in my list. But it has hype around it and is very underrated so I can’t wait to watch it.

Best Antagonist

Runner Up:

Beast Titan Of Attack On Titan S3 Part 2

This man is just insane. The little of what we know about him is the crazy part about him. As we found out about his past I begin to hate his character more and more.


Garou Of One Punch Man Season 2

The one amazing thing that One Punch Man season 2 gave us is the villain Garou. As he was the protagonist put into the body of the antagonist of One Punch Man. I just love his chacter every moment and rooted for him every episode to then every chapter. As he is one of the greatest characters in fiction.

Best Girl Award

Runner Up:

Mikasa of Attack On Titan S3 Part 2

Mikasa is still one of the deepest and misunderstood characters in this franchise. I feel every emotion that she leaks out to this world and I really cannot put into words the amount of greatness that she flashes every season. She is just a masterful character that deserves a lot more love.


Senko of Helpful Fox Senko-san

Do I really need to say anything about this fox spirit that is hear to pamper and take care of you. As she is someone that I predicted from the jump that she was gonna be the winner and man she won for being the best wife material in the spring season.

Honerable Mentions:

Historia (AOT) ,Chibi Rem(IQ), Tasumaki(OPM)

All these girls are queens in their own right as they are all just amazing.

Must Protect Award


Nezuko Kamado of Demon Slayer

I wanted to give an award to Nezuko but not as the best girl. But, as the must protect little sister. As she is the most adorable thing in this anime. Even though she does not need protecting she is clearly deserving of this award.

Main Protagonist Award

Runner Up:

Eren of Attack On Titan S3 Part 2

Eren this season really matured to me as a character and this season I really accepted him as the main character in this series. Cause from the voice acting to the emotion that he put in every episode. I just have to say that he was really close to winning this award.


Saitama of One Punch Man S2

Saitama being himself is just enough to be one of the best characters in the season. As he just chilled in the background and every time that he was in the frames he was just greatness.

Honorable Mentions:

Tohru Honda (Friuts Basket), is a very interesting and positive girl that I really enjoy and can’t wait to see more. As Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer) is someone that has a lot of potential but, I just need to see more of this amazing series.

Episode Of Spring

Episode 54 “Hero” of Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2

THIS EPISODE was a masterpiece. This was so unreal and so amazing that I really couldn’t put into words. As this was just action, sacrifice, and just amazing diolouge through the whole episode. I really never though that I would put Attack On Titan so high on my top anime of all time. But, after this episode I went straight to mal and put this as a masterpiece. Cause this episode and the next one made this series top 5 all time. Maybe even top 3 thinking about it hard.

Character Of Spring

Erwin Smith of Attack On Titain Season 3 Part 2

This man was from beginning to end was just a masterpiece of a character. From the voice acting in his speeches. To the emotions that he felt for his comrades. He was an amazing general from beginning to end. I have talked about his character enough on this blog. But, he was a clear winner from episode one of spring and one that I really.

Anime Of Spring

Attack On Titian Season 3 Part 2

From the action to the dialogue this season. This was by far their best season of the anime. As Wit Studio made this one a masterpiece of a season from beginning to end. This season really brought the Attack On Titan hype back to the top where it belongs. As this season made it to the second spot of my anime list as it deserves. It had the feels, it had the fights, it even had amazing dialogue in this season. This is literary greatness and I might finally cave and read the manga after this season cause of its greatness. So this is the winner of this season and nothing came close.


Well If you haven’t notice I love Attack On Titan this spring. It was a long spring season for me mixing school, work, blogging, watching old and new anime at the same time. But, I believe that I am finally getting the hang of it(not really). So thanks for going through the second award show as this one was not the best one that I did and get ready for Summer cause it is filled with isekai, vikings, and scientist. 読んでくれてありがとうmy A&M people.

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