Katanagatari 6, 7 Thoughts | Nanami Greatness

This series is so fucking good. As this show really just brings the heat with each episode after another. As these two episodes just made me fall in love with the story and the characters to a whole other level then I was already at before. As this anime just keeps on delivering with the development and storytelling with the character of Nanami especially. So time to talk about these two amazing episodes.

Episode 6

I love the development of Shichika this episode as he finally got his first lost in this show. As he faced the most pure hearted and adorable girl in this series. But, he did achieve his victory in a choose himself not to kill the girl when he had the chance to. Showing some more humanity every time also. But, I just hope the best for this girl cause she lost her whole clan to Nanami and she was just in isolation until Togome and Shichika came. So I just want the best for her and wish that she would had went with them.

I also love the development of the romance between Togome and Shichika this episode as they cuddle up and really just connected more. As they are two people that really can be honest with one another. Even though that Togome feels as if she is still hiding one thing. But, one thing for sure is that they are one of the greatest couples in anime history.

Also what is up with these Ninjas. As these guy are crazy enough to send their best man in the intel department to his death. And the crazy part is that he was ready to die also. Why the hell would they do this to keep an alliance that is destine to end. Now they are down to the final four and really they are just taking Ls in this whole series.

Episode 7

Nanami is one of the most misunderstood characters in anime. As she is someone that was treated poorly by her parents cause of her potential. As she is the most powerful character in anime and no one comes close. As she can copy anything by just seeing it once and make it even better. But, I was really sad about her death in this episode cause it really shock me and I had to take a break from the series after that. Even tough in the previous episode that they said that he murdered his sister. I though that was a error in translation. But it was just a spoiler for this episode. But man, Nanami is a lovable misunderstood girl that wanted to die a normal death. That I need to do a profile on her character.

I also want to talk about the character of Shichika and his development this chapter. Cause he was powerless against his sister this episode. As he had to use help from Togome to beat his sister. To then have his love threaten for the first time in his life. He had to murder his sister and has to live with that burden along with his father. Man he goes through is all man. But, I really am loving his development as a human being in this episode. Also on a side note, Togome looks cute in short hair.


5 swords left along with 5 more episodes. This anime is already up there in my all time favorites. But, what stories will I continue in this anime is what I will look forward for. As this is just a well deserving and an amazing piece of literature that I am glad that I picked up. 読んでくれてありがとうmy A&M people.

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