Random Characters: D E F

Alright back to another Random Post with another random collection of characters. As we talk about some meme worthy, cola drinking, and armless heroes today. As the lucky letter letters are DIO!!!, Erwin the GOAT, and the cola man SUPER Franky.

Dio (Jojo Bizzare Adventure):

The character of Dio is one that I have always seen in memes. But,I haven’t seen the entirely of Jojo yet. Out of all the people I could think of for D, Dio was one of the first people that could come to mind. Also i remember during all the waifu tier list Dio was in almost all of them and everyone put him in the S tier. While some even put him in his own tier called Dio.

Erwin (Attack On Titan):

I have talked about the man to death. But I really love this character to death. Just know that he is greatness and really is on a level of his own.

Franky (One Piece):

Franky is one of the most odd characters in One Piece. But, he is still one of my favorite in the series also. As this man will suplex people, dance, and drink cola in his underwear. As he also had one of the most manly battles in anime history against Seinor Pink.


Well thanks again for reading this random post about some character that popped in my mind. But, I can’t wait to talk about G cause their is a abundance of character that I can choose from. 読んでくれてありがとうmy A&M people.

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