I Don’t Have A Title [UNFILTERED A&M Talk #9]

First of all I just wan’t to say something about the people who blog daily. Power to you cause I really didn’t know how difficult it was until I set this little challenge that I gave myself this month. That was making 30 blog post in 30 days. Which I did to mature as a blogger and hone my craft a little. While also trying to understand how I will want to blog in the future. But, man this month is amazing to me.

I got into a bunch of new series like Monogatari Franchise that I really never thought I would get into. But, I then became a fan of the characters and I really am trying to control myself from bigning it all in one night. As this is just insane how amazing this story is. Along with Katangatari a series from the same author and just a classic that I will finish up pretty soon.

What else happen this month, Attack On Titan had the one of the best seasons in fiction. As this is just amazing with the way the story move me. The amazing character Erwin that I will never forget as he is one of the greatest characters in fiction. Historia is my mother fucking queen and she just looking amazing as always. The history and the long awaited basement has been revealed. And this story just keeps on getting better and better as this is just a GOAT anime.

This month Sorachi finally ended after so many fake ending. Going through magazines left and right. Fighting through all of his editors. Gave me the greatest ending in the greatest series to EVER be put to fiction in Gintama. I can’t wait to read this series from the beggining and rewatch its greatness. Cause nothing really can compare to its greatness.

On a waifu note I found out that most of my top waifus are always changing as Shinobu is challenging Holo for the crown and I really want to give it to her. But, I need to watch Kizugatari before I make that cannon. But then Holo would kill me also.

On a grand blue note, I want to go back to the good old days lowkey. But, I still love the development of Kohei this arc. But, I want to see my girl Asuza and Busijima back in action.

This month I completed the longest project on this blog and something that will always be a pillar that originated this blog. In the To Love Ru Project. This one took so much energy and time to complete that I basically said that I am gonna not stop posting for the rest of the month cause of this. So just know if you are looking at this blog. Know that To Love Ru is a huge part of it.

So thanks for reading this blog post with no title. I just want to say again shoutout to the bloggers that post daily. Cause yall are some warriors. I will probably never attempt this again. So for next month I really don’t know what I am doing. Cause I will now focus on quality and bettering my writing over quantity. So until next time, be you and be great my A&M people.

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