The BEST Wingman|Grand Blue Chapter 54 “Wingman” Review

Time for another chapter of that Grand Blue greatness. As we start with the beautiful color page and it is just beautiful as always. As we see Cakey looking at Iori just chilling. Chisa is just looking amazing as always. (Hoping for more Chisa soon. As she has been in the background for a couple months/chapters.) While we have the wingman Kohei reading his manga on the top. But beautiful overall color page to the chapter.

As we get into the chapter Cakey is out the door and is in shock that the GOAT Kohei has found out her crush. While also directly asking her straight up about it. She beileves that the cat is still in the bag as she goes into the next morning playing dumb. Being determined to hide the fact that she likes him.

But, Kohei made his final conformation after last night about Cakey’s feelings. As he tries his best to leave her alone with Iori by going cooking with Chisa. With Chisa and Iori just being in full confusion the whole chapter. Also on a side note has Kohei ever cooked in this series? Cause I might have forgotten, but this is gonna be funny if he is the best cook in the series. Also man these panels with Kohei looking back and winking too Cakey are just perfect. As it is funny as hell that Chisa and Iori are still just oblivious to the ultimate wingman.

We get a similar panel of Kohei as he is just gonna leave them alone for about 2 hours. Giving all of the signals to Cakey and he then comes back a minute later. Saying that Cakey and Iori look like a married couple and should just be official. And man she is ready to kill him on site.

Direct Hit!!!

Cakey is still trying to deny her feelings for Iori to Kohei. But he is not having it calling Cakey a real life tsundere(facts). Which just had me laughing for a good minute. Then Cakey came with the great idea of just ignoring the goat as he gives that amazing wink and starts asking Iori some questions. Some are personal while others are just ways to specific describing Cakey to a tee. Cakey however is just suffering inside and pulls Kohei to the side. With the close eyes and smile on her face. When you see it, it was just ridiculous.

As she pulls him to the side she finally ask what it his motive. Then he says some of the realist shit in the series. To then be talking about anime and make his previous words kinda irrelevant. Even making Cakey think about him a little bit(just a little). In the end Cakey finally gives in. To ask him to pick Iori’s mind a little bit. Then he straight goes to Iori and says and I quote “ …wanna bump uglies with Cakey?. Cakey then proceeds to murders Kohei. End of Chapter.


This chapter was overall enjoyable despite not getting that confession. It is really good to get that interaction between Cakey and Kohei. Who to me has become one of the best duos in the show. We also learn that Chisa’s mom likes to be called boss. But, speaking of Chisa I just want more of her cause I want to know her reaction to all of this. Cause she has a big role in this and I don’t know what she will do or how she will react. But, her mother did say that she is hard at telling things.

Well thanks Chruchyroll for giving us that translation of that Grand Blue greatness. Also, thank you again for taking your time for reading this and see yall next time.

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