The Phantom Troupe’s Great Introduction | Hunter X Hunter

Today I just want to talk about the great introduction of my favorite villain group in fiction, being the Phantom. Cause I have been rewatching some of the Hunter X Hunter Arcs recently and when I was rewatching the greatness of the Yorknew City arc. I realize that this arc is not only one of the greatest arcs to be put in the series. But, it is one of the greatest arcs in anime history. As it introduces one of the greatest groups of antagonist in fiction. I need to chill on the word greatest. But, to me just thinking about them still brings chills down my spine of the amazing writing put to each and everyone of these characters.

As this was supposed to be a group portrayed as pure evil (and let me say right now that they are in no way good people). As you can tell from Kurapica’s tragic past with them. From the way that they stole his whole clan’s eyes. To then see his rage in the hunter exam from just a fake tattoo of the spider. Hearing his speech about them. This made the hype of the Troupe even higher than it already was. Along with giving them an identity and feel for the troupe. Then we meet our first member of the troupe being none other than the great magician himself being Hisoka. Along with Machi as she was not thought to be part of the troupe on first watch. But, upon rewatch you get to see her introduction and knowing what you know now. Her introduction was vital to the story. You can’t help but be amazed by the subtle hints that were giving in here character introduction.

Upon their introduction you see the body of Chrollo the leader. But not the head of him as it is hidden in darkness. But, you see the face of other members of the troupe. With the introduction of them and giving majority of them a little personality. Starting with Phinks and Pakunoda. As they are bickering back and fourth with the introduction of the lesser know members for now of Benolv and Kortopi. Along with the lovable Shizuku looking amazing as always. All getting greeted by Shalnark who is the most positive in the group for the moment. To then get the introduction of Uvogin. As he comes in with his huge personality ready to kill. But, we must wait for all for the remaining members of the troupe.

But, then we get to see the reveal of the remaining of the troupe. In a group walking by in the dessert. As you get the confirmation that Machi is in the troupe. Along with the amazing characters of Feitan, Nobunaga, and Franklin. As they all walk this dessert to they talk about the troupe and the likes of Hisoka. Then a fight between Franklin and Nobunaga happens and Machi and Feitan continue walking acting as if it was the norm. This was an amazing show of their talent and a little bit of their strength. Almost all of the troupe is here except for one. As we all then wait for Hisoka as some of them are skeptical while others are sure that he will come. But he does arrive.

He comes in and the leader finally reveals his face. You then see the blood lust in Hisoka’s eyes. As he is locked on the leader. Giving us an insight to his power. Then we hear what he wants in the underground auction. And Chrollo states that he wants everything. Uvogin then as if he is serious about putting the troupe in danger of all the mafias in the world. Then Chrollo ask if he is scared. Uvogin then states that he is excited. As he lets out a war scream. Letting us know that they are fearless thieves that are not to be fucked with. Thus introducing us to the legendary Phantom troupe. Preparing us for the Yorknew City arc and all of its greatness. But, in the 41st episode call “Gathering of Heroes” really made me wonder who were the true heroes in this episodes. As this are showed us the humanity and relatively of the phantom troupe. As they all are greatness and made me a fan of antagonist. As from the beginning of their introduction I began to root for them. As they all made me in love with all of their characters and later my favorite group of all time.

I love the Phantom Troupe, from their introduction to the development and uniqueness of each of their characters throughout the story. I am a man that is a fan of very good written antagonist and especially the amazingly written ones like Hisoka and Meruem. As this group of characters are just written from the beginning to the end of the current anime masterfully. As they are the only group of antagonist that I really could not hate. Even though I know what they did to Kurapica’s clan. I know all the wrong that they have done to multiple people in this series. But, I can’t root for their deaths as each one of their characters were just done masterfully. So I have to give Togashi his credit cause he is a masterful writer and I just wish he did the series monthly at least cause this is a series that I hope ends and the anime is given a proper conclusion. As this series has a multitude of the greatest characters of all time.

Thanks for reading this post. Cause I have been swamped with school work lately and man I will never go overboard on summer semester classes again. I am trying my best to at least keep this blog weekly. But, I did do this to myself so it can’t be helped if this is a crazy month and a half. 読んでくれてありがとう, My A&M people.

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